Olympic Tickets

  Bingalau 10:15 15 Mar 2011

If I was younger I would be clamouring for a ticket to watch the final day of the athletics. I suppose a lot of people will be doing likewise. That makes me wonder what price the touts will be charging? Or maybe the authorities flogging the tickets have taken measures to keep them out of the hands of the touts.... I wonder?

Anyway I shall be watching most of the events on TV I hope... Saw most of the last London Olympics on cinema newsreels. Those were the days.

  birdface 10:23 15 Mar 2011

It may be an age thing but I am not the slightest bit interested the Olympic games.
Even free tickets would not interest me.
More important things going on in the world today than buying tickets for the Olympics.

  johndrew 10:25 15 Mar 2011

As interesting as the Olympics is, the organisers seem to have got transfixed with ticket prices and bankers' bonuses. I don't know about anyone else but some of the prices are way out of my league.

Even a £20 ticket is expensive when travel, accommodation and food are added as it suddenly becomes more like £100 - and this before local Olympic area price hikes are considered.

Pity really. All I need is some Lottery funding!!

  MAJ 10:50 15 Mar 2011

"That makes me wonder what price the touts will be charging?"

It is a criminal offence to try and resell Olympic tickets for a profit on the internet or in person, and the Government has increased the fine for ticket touting from £5,000 to £20,000 although I'm sure the more organised gangs will find a way of doing it. I'm guessing the sky's the limit when it comes to the like of a final ticket for the flagship events like the 100 metres.

  jakimo 12:23 15 Mar 2011

'Anyway I shall be watching most of the events on TV I hope... Saw most of the last London Olympics on cinema newsreels. Those were the days'

Pathe Newsreels were the only visual moving pictures around in those days,I doubt if todays athletes would want to perform on a 1948 cinder tracks

  BT 12:29 15 Mar 2011

I'll bet London Council Tax payers won't be getting any concessions even though they are paying a compulsory levy towards the cost of the Games.

  anchor 12:36 15 Mar 2011

I`m with buteman. I have not the slightest interest in the games, and would not go even if they sent me a free ticket.

The most I might watch on TV are the opening and closing ceremonies.

  MAJ 13:13 15 Mar 2011

London and London businesses are going to see a huge financial benefit from the Games, although I can't help thinking, how are the trains, buses the Tube, the hotels and B&Bs going to cope. During the summer it's almost impossible to get a decent Hotel or B&B in London, the normal summer tourists wont stop coming just because the Games are taking place.

  PaulsonW 13:39 15 Mar 2011

The only event that interests me is the women's beach volleyball events. Does anyone know what date they'll be played?

  MAJ 13:51 15 Mar 2011

"Does anyone know what date they'll be played?"

Just whatever date the girls want to play, and they might change that date, so stay awake. ;)

  Clapton is God 13:51 15 Mar 2011

And do you have a genuine interest in the sport, or like the rest of the male population, just an interest in the scantily-clad participants?

Either way click here

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