Olympic spectating...

  Quickbeam 10:02 12 Aug 2008

Well we've got loads to watch, but some sports just don't work for a TV audience.

For me the archery completely fails in it's ability to convey any excitement over the contest, and also sailing, that fails to convey who is racing against who, it seems to be just pictures of people sailing a boat having a good time...

What do you think is a non-spectator sport?

  Pine Man 10:45 12 Aug 2008

'What do you think is a non-spectator sport?'

99% of the olympics!

  Seth Haniel 11:13 12 Aug 2008

They have hired volunteers, dressed in yellow shirts, to fill up empty venues and improve the atmosphere inside. click here


  Quickbeam 11:13 12 Aug 2008


  Clapton is God 11:33 12 Aug 2008

"What's the 1% positive...?"

Perhaps the beach volleyball when the scantily-clad young ladies are playing?? ;-))

  Jim Thing 12:50 12 Aug 2008

It's perhaps a bit off-topic, but IMO any event in which the winner is decided on points determined by the subjective opinions of judges (no matter how expert the judges may be) should be excluded.

Or perhaps the Olympic motto should be amended to read "Higher, faster, further, or in someone's opinion."

  Pine Man 13:33 12 Aug 2008

"What's the 1% positive...?"

Spot on!

Until they introduce female mud wrestling in 2012.

  Monoux 16:34 12 Aug 2008

Pine Man-You obviously like your women dirty ;o)

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