Olympic Lanes

  ulrich 19:05 29 Jul 2010

For officials, VIPs and competitors have been announced, £200 fine if you go in them.

How do you feel? It wont effect me thank goodness. Should they not leave on time?

  Forum Editor 19:15 29 Jul 2010

When the time comes I will no doubt feel very annoyed if I see more or less empty official lanes, and I'm stuck in the London traffic because one lane on the road is effectively closed to me.

On the other hand, it's only for a short while, it will happen at a time when London traffic traditionally eases somewhat because of school holidays, and no doubt we'll all survive. London motorists are world class experts at putting up with traffic chaos.

  Quickbeam 19:19 29 Jul 2010

Was it in Atlanta where the public transport caused huge delays and threatened to have some top athletes timed out of there events?

I think they're thinking about not having that debacle happen again in London.

  Quickbeam 19:22 29 Jul 2010

This link discusses the importance of Olympic lanes click here

  Quickbeam 19:27 29 Jul 2010

A New York Times report about the Atlanta '96 traffic chaos click here They'll not dare to allow that to mar the image of the London games.

  Grey Goo 23:53 29 Jul 2010

I suppose it's beneath the dignity of the Olympic hierachy freeloaders to get digs nearer to Stratford or indeed take the Javelin trains like all the other mere mortals.

  daytimers82 09:50 30 Jul 2010

another way to raise revenue for the buildings

  ulrich 19:10 30 Jul 2010

Perhaps they could use the new bikes?

  WhiteTruckMan 19:22 30 Jul 2010

it will take the good and the great to realise how quickly they can get around with their own private lane (and not have to mingle with the great unwashed public) and after the games keep them on but declare them for official use only.

Can anyone else think of a country that had these, or am I merely being weekend cynical?


  Forum Editor 19:33 30 Jul 2010

Moscow used to have reserved lanes for official vehicles during the bad old days, but private car ownership then was nothing compared to now - driving in Moscow is a living nightmare.

In the winter I've spent what seems an eternity trying to drive a short journey from hotel to a meeting - one and a half hours for four miles was the worst experience. They have no dedicated lanes for public transport there, so you can imagine what it's like at peak times - Moscow drivers seem to think they're taking part in some hellish computer game, and dive around all over the place.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:11 30 Jul 2010

what-even worse than Milan? (where the locals take their half of the road out of the middle?)

But seriously, it should be a cause for concern that such lanes, once established, should be returned to general road use immediately after the games and not kept in operation 'for administrative reasons', or for official use only etc.

I also sense a revenue generating opportunity for the local authorities, by use of fixed penalty notice cameras covering these lanes.


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