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Olympic First Class Stamps

  Quickbeam 23:30 02 Aug 2012

Gold medal stamps honour Team GB 2012 Olympics winners

I think that that is absolutely the most fantastic gesture of national recognition that we have ever granted to successful Olympic competitors!

What more can one say?

  Quickbeam 23:38 02 Aug 2012

I was impressed by the Post Office getting yesterday's first gold winners into production, but now that they confirm that the first class stamps will feature all the first class winners, I take my hat off to the Post Office and whoever's idea that it was for the quickly issued stamps and gold post boxes.

In 20/30 years, young kids will be asking their parents 'Why is our post box gold?'. That is a great legacy for Seb's 2012 'Inspire a Generation' motto.

If that doesn't answer if winning is important or not, I don't know what will.

  Quickbeam 23:46 02 Aug 2012

I think the Post Office has just made the desire of Team GB to win a prestigious gold medal even more desiring.

Well, who isn't going to want to be on a postage stamp before the close of games?

  Forum Editor 23:47 02 Aug 2012

The gold postboxes are a great idea, and of course the medallists and their families will be delighted with the stamps.

The cynic in me can't get away from the idea that the stamps will make a useful addition to the Post Office's revenue stream. They seem to issue new stamps at an alarming rate; it wouldn't surprise me to see a new stamp commemorating my postman's retirement.

  Quickbeam 23:55 02 Aug 2012

At the risk of coming over almost as enthusiastic as HB gets at times, how long will it be before we hear the competitors mention in their pre competition interviews, how much they want a gold medal and, to be on a stamp?

Who will be the first to declare?

  morddwyd 08:57 03 Aug 2012

"They seem to issue new stamps at an alarming rate; "

As you say, it helps their revenue stream.

As a stamp collecting schoolboy in the 40s/50s a special issue by Royal Mail was a major event.

After the last Olympics I think the next special issue was the Festival of Britain, three years later, and after another two years, the Coronation.

Now there seems to be half a dozen new issues every year.

  Brumas 09:14 03 Aug 2012

Amongst many other things I was a counter clerk with the post office and can recall them 'churning' out piles of, what we called wallpaper, for just about any occasion. I often joked that the next issue would be Famous British Outside Loos because they seemed to commemorate just about everything else ;o}

  Aitchbee 10:12 03 Aug 2012

The graphic artists at the Stamps Department of the Post Office must have been taking lessons from the engravers of the Trophy winners at Wimbledon and the Open Golf. I'll look out for the Olympic Stamps today.

  sunnystaines 18:40 03 Aug 2012

i thought there was a rule only living person allowed on GB stamps was royal family.

  morddwyd 20:09 03 Aug 2012

Are you sure that's not banknotes?

  Quickbeam 22:17 04 Aug 2012

You read it here first, I told you being on a stamp was real top kudos!

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