Olympic Committee starting to see sense

  Pine Man 15:42 12 Feb 2013

Looks like wrestling could be dropped from the Olympics.


That gets rid of one waste of time now how about the barbaric 'sport' of boxing?

Lights blue touch paper and stands well back!!

  Chronos the 2nd 15:49 12 Feb 2013

What about that 'sport' where they wave bits of ribbon or synchronised drowning or hop skip and jump,what's that all about?

  Pine Man 15:52 12 Feb 2013


I like the way you're thinking;-)

  Aitchbee 19:42 12 Feb 2013

I would get rid of the 10,000m steeplechase [for men] ... it's so cruel ... reminds me of The Grand National for humans; maybe it has been banned already, I didn't notice it at last summer's London Games?

  interzone55 19:57 12 Feb 2013

As long as the new "sport" taking its place isn't golf...

btw amateur boxing is quite safe, the head guards protect against facial damage and cushion some of the blows that can damage the brain. It's also better to watch than the dreadful heavyweight boxing that idiots pay huge sums of money to watch ringside

  Bing.alau 20:14 12 Feb 2013

Don't forget the Marathon, The high jump, The pole vault, The javelin throwing etc. All quite dangerous sports. Come to think of it why not do away with the Olympics altogether?

  Quickbeam 06:04 13 Feb 2013

"As long as the new "sport" taking its place isn't golf..." 'fraid it is!

The Olympics do seem to be getting a bit bloated, which in turn makes for them to be way overly expensive to run for a lot of cities. I certainly think that a lot of the sports that already have major world championship in their own right which would have an Olympic title win as a definite second best title should be considered for dropping.

  Quickbeam 06:08 13 Feb 2013


You missed the 10,000m steeple chase, it was run. It is however much safer now, no lamed athletes have had to be put down in my lifetime.

  Quickbeam 06:14 13 Feb 2013

ooops wrong link, their was the 3000 steeple chase, which proves that with so much happening, how easy it is to forget what events are even in it after only a few months!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:07 13 Feb 2013

Lets add:

darts and beer drinking (for the plebs)

blathering (for the politicians)

scaremongering (for the journalists)

I'm sure you can think of some more suitable sports to suit everybodiess needs


  morddwyd 19:43 13 Feb 2013

Let's not be naive about this. Whatever the replacement is, it will be something the US is good at, as per beach volleyball. Probably surfing.

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