The Old Windsor Safari Park

  ronalddonald 14:17 03 May 2010

Remember the safari park when it was around could someone let on why it was closed down and what happened to the animals. Was it closed down for political reasons.

Was it to expensive to maintain ?

  beynac 14:48 03 May 2010

Wikipedia has this: click here

  ordep 14:49 03 May 2010

I can clearly remember going through there when it first opened. I can remember it clearly because the frigging monkeys tore of my wipers and eat the rubber bits.

Tis all here in good old Wiki.

click here

  beynac 14:51 03 May 2010
  michaelw 15:18 03 May 2010

We took the kids there when they were little about 20 years ago. It was a great day out.

  john bunyan 18:06 03 May 2010

Good job you did not stand close behind a male hippo!

  john bunyan 18:16 03 May 2010

See Here:
click here

  ams4127 19:40 03 May 2010

Way back in the mid '70s I was serving with the RAF at Bruggen in Germany, and living just over the Dutch border in the lovely town of Roermond. I remember watching the Dutch news one evening and one story has stuck in my mind ever since.

A man drove to the Tuddern wildlife one Sunday, paid his entrance fee and proceeded to drive slowly through the various animal enclosures. While driving through the elephant area he was stopped when one of the elephants walked over and just stopped in the middle of the road. Mindful of the warnings not to blow his horn, he sat there and waited, and waited while a large queue of cars built up behind him. Finally, in desperation he blew his horn. The elephant took immediate umbrage at this noise and promptly sat on the front of his car causing quite a bit of damage before wandering off.

He managed to pull off the road and let the traffic past. He then reversed to the main gate with smoke pouring off his tyres and told the staff what had happened. He was fined 100 Guilders for blowing his horn!!

This story gets better.......

He managed to pull the bodywork away from the wheels and wandered over to the nearby bar for a few drinks.

Driving home later on he came to the tailend of an accident. He pulled over in the queue and waited along with all the other motorists.

A dutch police motorcyclist riding by noticed the damage to his car and stopped. The following conversation took place....

Police "Were you involved in the accident, sir?"

Man "No"

Police "What happened to your car?"

Man "An elephant sat on it"

Police "Breathe into this bag, sir"

He was then done for driving under the influence!!

When the case came up before the local magistrate and the story was read in court, nobody could stop laughing. The magistrate told him it just hadn't been his day and the charge was dismissed.

  dasli 09:37 05 May 2010

mmm...nice info, thanks

  sunnystaines 09:48 05 May 2010

went a few times in 70's thought it wasa very good.

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