Old Timer (me!) Passes driving test at 42!

  pavvi 16:00 30 Aug 2013

I'd never really got around to learning to drive in my younger years. I'd had one or two lessons here and there, but never saw the need . Being a keen landscape photographer, however getting the best shots are usually at the beginning and the end of the day. The wife doesn't share the hobby so the chances of her getting up at 5am to drive me to The Gower Peninsula are zero or worse. So I was forced to try and find some time in my fairly busy diary to learn to drive.

My only option was to do an intensive course, so did 4 x 2 hour courses at home and then a 8 day 56 hour course in Swindon and Chippenham. I passed my driving test in Chippenhem 9 days ago, and have given myself a baptism of fire. Bought a second hand E class diesel auto (I have an auto only licence) and drove from home to recording in Lincolnshire and from there to Salisbury where I recorded some arias for the soundtrack album, and then drove up to the Lake District overnighting at the Days Inn at Strensham. 750 miles over 4 days, and one tank of diesel. Managed average mpg of up to 70mpg, which for a that will do over 140mph is impressive.

Now I'm left wondering why I never learned to drive before. Just have to watch out for the other idiots on the road - sometimes its someone else, sometimes it's yourself.

  bumpkin 16:36 30 Aug 2013

Enjoy your new experience while for a while, it will be short lived.

  bumpkin 16:39 30 Aug 2013

"for a while" not "while for a while"

  Bapou 16:46 30 Aug 2013

Well done Pavvi, also well done on gaining solid experience first time.

'Just have to watch out for the other idiots on the road' that's the attitude, you'll not go far wrong with that.

Good to hear from you and obviously your career is going well too. Best wishes.

  Nontek 18:16 30 Aug 2013

Congratulations on passing your driving test - but 'old-timer'?? I think not. I am a very experienced retired driving instructor, many of my pupils started at ages ranging from 50 - 70 and above, I kid you not. ALL my senior pupils Passed their tests. Most were ladies, whose husbands had become unable to continue driving for one reason or another, hence their age-range.

In addition all my pupils went on to have at least one or two lessons on the Motorway after passing their test.

Enjoy your motoring!

  bumpkin 18:20 30 Aug 2013

Jock1e, I suppose it depends upon where one drives. I enjoy a drive in the country with little traffic but driving into London every morning in the rush hour is no fun, did it for many years. I expect it is the same with most cities. Anyway good luck to pavvi for passing I believe it is more difficult these days. 25 bob an hour (£1.25) when I was taught, about 8 lessons then a quick drive round the block with the examiner job done.

My daughter passed about 5yrs ago on third attempt at huge cost so fair play to anyone that does it first time.

  bumpkin 18:33 30 Aug 2013

That is interesting Nontek, I am fairly certain I would fail if I had to do it again without many lessons.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:03 30 Aug 2013

Well done pavvi!

The older you are, the harder it is to learn to drive so they say.

Passed Motorcycle and Car tests within a week and a half of each other at 17.

Never had a proper lesson, taught by my father, learnt to drive the car by driving into and out of the city at evening rush hour to collect my mother from work at the Path. lab.

Used to enjoy driving but found the roads clogging up made it hard work, now I'm semi retired and working for myself, find I'm driving a good 10mph slower and 10 yds further back on the motorways, on a 70 mile journey only takes a few minutes longer, its a lot less stressful and saves on fuel.

Wonder why I used to rush about????

  Nontek 19:08 30 Aug 2013


I specialised in teaching Senior Citizens and Disabled people of all ages, so to most of them, being able to drive probably meant more than it did to younger people. I guess another reason for my very good pass-rates.

I had a stroke in 2000, so all I have driven since then is my EMV - strangely enough though, I have never actually missed normal driving.

  spuds 20:01 30 Aug 2013

Well done Pavvi.

"Just have to watch out for the other idiots on the road- sometimes its someone else, sometimes it's yourself". And don't forget the speed and other roadside cameras. Nothing like you think you are well in the clear, and a little envelope drops in the letterbox later!.

  Brumas 20:42 30 Aug 2013

Well Done Pavvi, I suppose now your car will be a portamento della voce ;o}}

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