old spanners

  polish 19:58 01 Jun 2008

i just been sorting my garage and have quite alot of old spanners that you dont come across anymore imperial etc dont know wether to weigh them in for scrap or what any ideas please

  MrCutter 20:05 01 Jun 2008

Put a free ad in a shop window or a free ad in your local paper.
Offer them all as one lot for a few £££ & buyer takes the lot!

  octal 20:06 01 Jun 2008

I bet you would sell like hot cakes at a car boot sale, they are still useful and you can still buy them new.

  mrwoowoo 20:09 01 Jun 2008

Iv'e got a couple of old nuts that need tightening.

  polish 20:30 01 Jun 2008

thanks for replys mrwoowoo not sure if you want my rusty spanners on your nuts though

  Stuartli 20:36 01 Jun 2008

Quite a few of your Imperial spanners are/will be very close/equivalent to metric versions.


click here

  steve stifler 21:13 01 Jun 2008

try ebay or similar.
I used to sell tools for a living,agricultural and american machinery are your best bets that still use imperial.
John Deere tractors etc.

  mrwoowoo 21:17 01 Jun 2008

Trouble is that the weight of the spanners may make them overly expensive due to the postage cost.Could always put collection only though.

  steve stifler 21:26 01 Jun 2008

agreed but a decent set would fetch £100 plus from the snap on van(at least).New would fetch even more but second hand would still be a good payer.Alas they dont make tools like they used too:-)
Guys in the Trade would be the target.

  steve stifler 21:30 01 Jun 2008

I should of added its far from incommon to sell one imperial spanner for £35 new.
Check your toolboxes folks.

  sean-278262 23:23 01 Jun 2008

Still have plenty of items that use imperial sizes. Keep them, you never know what you will have that might need an ole 3/4

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