An Old Joke Revisited - Home Secretary's Approach

  fourm member 16:17 10 Dec 2013

The original;

'For Sale. Full set of encyclopaedias. No longer required as wife knows everything.'

The new, rather less funny, version;

'Redundant. Experts, academics and advisers. No longer required as Theresa May knows better than all of them.'

After, earlier this year, going against detailed advice to decide, for political reasons, to schedule qat under the Misuse of Drugs Act, Theresa May has now delayed publication of an expert report that concluded that the present freedom of movement system in the EU is positive for the UK.

Immigration report is 'too positive'.

  lotvic 18:53 10 Dec 2013

Not sure I understand the joke/point you are trying to make, I read your link and then I read and to understood a bit more about qat I read

  lotvic 18:54 10 Dec 2013

typo edit: understood = understand

  lotvic 19:00 10 Dec 2013

Perhaps this is the politcal angle I'm still reading it all...

  fourm member 20:31 10 Dec 2013

Sorry, lotvic, didn't mean to send you off to learn up on qat.

I only referenced that to show that this is not the first time that Theresa May has turned her back on expert advice.

As far as I'm concerned, if a politician wants to say 'I know best so this is what is going to happen' that's fine and we'll judge them on that.

But, going to all the bother (and expense) of getting experts to look at something and then turning your back on their findings seems to me to be unacceptable.

The qat ban is, in many ways, hunting for the Conservatives. Just as Blair gave the hunting ban to left-wing MPs to keep them quiet about his ignoring socialism so the qat ban is throwing a bone to the Tory right who still don't like that their rabid policies can't be implemented while there is a coalition.

It is also, I believe, Theresa May setting out her stall to be the next leader of the party.

Suppressing this report on free movement in Europe is because the right wants to have several weeks of looking tough ahead of the lifting of restrictions on Romania and Bulgaria.

  lotvic 21:13 10 Dec 2013

~Gosh, well from your link to the Independent "The Times suggests Ms May believes..." that's pretty conclusive then.

  fourm member 17:45 11 Dec 2013

And now she's decided that the Home Affairs Select Committee can't call the head of MI5 because it might ask him questions.

ITN report

  lotvic 18:00 11 Dec 2013

Obviously not your favourite person then. 8-o

  bremner 18:18 11 Dec 2013

The request was turned down because it is for the Intelligence and Security Committee to oversee the Security Services not the Home Affairs Committee.

Seems pretty reasonable.

  Forum Editor 18:42 11 Dec 2013

From your original link:-

"Mrs May believes that the EU free movement rules make it too easy for European migrants to come to Britain to establish residence and benefits entitlements."

If that is the case I imagine that a lot of people will be happy if she is indeed setting out her stall to be the next leader of the party.

"And now she's decided that the Home Affairs Select Committee can't call the head of MI5 because it might ask him questions."

So has David Cameron - he also refused the request. Perhaps there are matters affecting National Security that are best not discussed at Parliamentary Committee hearings, regardless of what Keith Vaz might think.

The remit of the committee is to examine "the expenditure, administration and policy of the Home Office and its associated public bodies". It would seem to me that the conduct of Counter terrorism operations by the security agencies falls outside that description. MI5 is the responsibility of the MOD.

  john bunyan 19:01 11 Dec 2013

"MI5 is the responsibility of the MOD"

No, they are under the Home Secretary. MI5, MI6 and GCHQ do report to the Joint Intelligence Committee but are not directly under control of MOD.

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