Old Age Strikes Again.

  morddwyd 13:47 23 Apr 2011

This time a major blow - no more Fray Bentos pies.

They're too big for the electric opener, and my arthritis is no longer up to a manual tin opener.

The end gets ever nigher!

  wiz-king 14:19 23 Apr 2011

Should not be a problem, try this.

  lotvic 14:31 23 Apr 2011

they've got those on Amazon as well, and I'm sure I've seen them in shops in town.

  birdface 14:54 23 Apr 2011

[They're too big for the electric opener] And no good with the manual opener either. Like you gave up trying to open them.

  birdface 14:56 23 Apr 2011

Pie £1 Opener Price:£14.95. Looks like no more Pies.

  morddwyd 15:22 23 Apr 2011


I think you misread my post - they are too big for the electric opener

  wee eddie 16:45 23 Apr 2011

you'll need to go for the frozen ones, then. Not quite as good but still passable.

  Quickbeam 17:24 23 Apr 2011

"Pie £1 Opener Price:£14.95", but you can probably get a nice homemade pie in a cafe for less than a fiver.

  BT 17:49 23 Apr 2011

Pukka Pies like they have in the Chippie are available in Tesco and probably most other supermarkets.

Pukka Pies.

Excellent pies, our favourites at present, and you don't need a tin opener.

  Bingalau 18:41 23 Apr 2011

Petrol cost to Much Wenlock (Salop) Butcher's shop in main street from my house about £30. Cost of two dozen pies for freezing about £30. Satisfaction at having a proper Steak and Kidney Pie to scoff "Out Of This World". No openers required at all. A bit expensive innit? So next time anybody is going that way can they please call in and bring some up to me? "Thanks in advance!"

  wiz-king 18:45 23 Apr 2011

No I didn't, these fit any can, you leave the can on the worktop and stick the opener on to it and it works it's way round it. you dont even heed to hold it.

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