Old £20 notes to be replaced

  WhiteTruckMan 20:58 20 Apr 2010

This came to my attention today and I thought I would pass it on. Briefly, twenty pound notes featuring sir edward elgar will cease to be legal tender on 30th june this year. Banks will take them in after that date, but shops etc will be within their rights to refuse them.

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So you've still got time to get a round in.


  Bingalau 21:05 20 Apr 2010

Maybe we can contribute them towards your expenses in your campain to get elected to Parliament. Or is that against forum rules?

  Bingalau 21:06 20 Apr 2010

campaign? maybe...

  BT 08:06 21 Apr 2010

Must have a root around under the mattress to see if there are still any lurking around.

  Quickbeam 08:10 21 Apr 2010

I'll give a crisp new tenner for any unwanted old £20s to save you the trouble of trekking down to the bank and having to waste your time queuing...

  Monoux 08:11 21 Apr 2010

a variation of the £20 now theres an enigma

  Monoux 09:56 21 Apr 2010

Quickbeam-- who do you think you are -- Hughie Green " Double your Money " indeed :o)

  Quickbeam 10:09 21 Apr 2010

Double 'MY' money...

  Pineman100 12:37 21 Apr 2010

Just a quick post to appreciate your pun!

  jakimo 13:51 21 Apr 2010
  Monoux 15:35 21 Apr 2010

Pineman100-- I'm glad at least one person got it

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