Okay I've found a really good loan.......

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:28 25 Aug 2008

click here 10/10 for their blatant honesty..at least Dick Turpin had a horse.


  Forum Editor 13:35 25 Aug 2008

who are so desperate they take out loans from companies like this one. You have to have a car that is free of any finance deal, and is worth at least as much as the amount you're borrowing. You sign an agreement allowing the company to take the car if you default on the payments.

  Bingalau 13:39 25 Aug 2008

The standard of English is pretty low in the third paragraph. Pity the interest rate isn't.

  interzone55 13:39 25 Aug 2008

This company have been advertising on local radio for a couple of months, but at no time do they mention 437.5% PA interest...

  GRIDD 13:40 25 Aug 2008

£1,500 £53.60 78 weeks 437.4% £4,180.80

Holy crap!

I thought Provident were bad, (my dad uses them) He borrowed £1,600 and is repaying £3,000.

  ventanas 13:45 25 Aug 2008

437.4% apr. Boy what a rate. This isn't usuary, it's robbery. Anyway I've always felt that anyone with outstanding CCJ's or similar should not be offered further credit until they've paid what they already owe. Firstly they have a duty to those they are already in debt to, and secondly they only get themselves into deeper trouble.
Hopefully this lot won't last long, I feel there will be a distinct shortage of suitable vehicles.

  oresome 18:14 25 Aug 2008

The "pay day cash loans" must have a large market. Our local shopping centre now has a shop dedicated to such activities with at least two members of staff behind the counter......usually doing nothing. I've never seen anyone in, but with such large overheads, it presumably gets customers. Either that or it won't be there long.

  g0nvs 18:31 25 Aug 2008


  Grey Goo 09:12 26 Aug 2008

Works out as nearly 120% simple interest (119.15)

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:22 26 Aug 2008
  version8 09:30 26 Aug 2008

Surely this is daylight robbery.
I they not regulated by the FSA?

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