OK we've all got our digi camera's

  Sethhaniel 14:39 04 Aug 2004

but is there a viewer or electronic album that we can carry and show off our photo's on - maybe a 6"x4" screen and slots to take standard cards.
If not any inventors out there.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:40 04 Aug 2004

Portable DVD players can do this (£130)...however you will sonn become the most unpopular person in the area if you try to show hundreds of photos.


  Sethhaniel 14:48 04 Aug 2004

Yes that's one option --- putting pictures to CD and playing on portable DVD
I have a smart card tv adaptor with remote that can show slide shows onto TV's - but want something more portable ;)

  Kate B 15:05 04 Aug 2004

My Sony Clie PDA has an app called Clie Viewer which reads images off the memory stick in a very friendly fashion. I've always had Clies but I imagine other PDAs have similar software.

  Sethhaniel 15:45 04 Aug 2004

can see my bank balance starting to dwindle already -
have to see what i've got to trade

  cga 15:55 04 Aug 2004

I have seen adverts in the US for electronic photoframes.

So - it was good thinking but you have been beaten to it :-(

  Sethhaniel 16:06 04 Aug 2004

bit pricey at $2000 :-

Electronic Photoframe
The digital age has now come to the humble photoframe. Digi-Frame have several different size electronic photoframes that display your digital pictures.

The 1280x960 SXGA-resolution display comes with its own internal hard drive, drive to store up to 10,000 pictures, CD-Rom, is USB compatible and even supports WiFi!

Not only can this baby display your family pictures but it can also play MPEG's, Flash movies and comes with its own internal speakers!

At a price tag of $2000 it doesnt come cheap

  cga 16:34 04 Aug 2004

The ones I saw were a little more modest running off SD memory cards - but very pricey for what they were nevertheless.

I guess I am just jealous and wish I had thought of it first.

  mole44 17:06 04 Aug 2004

your camera will hook up to a tv for you to show your pictures,there i sorted it out for you.

  Sethhaniel 18:33 04 Aug 2004

No connection to TV is too simple
Want something mobile and not too big
Though a few good ideas have come from this posting - that would never have pentrated my greycells otherwise -
keep thinking ;-)

  oresome 18:58 04 Aug 2004

Hate to bring all you technophobes down to earth, but...............

You can't beat images printed on paper at around 6x4 or 7x5 and passed around a group.

Storage device consists of an old shoe box which can be accessed in 5 minutes after rummaging on top of the wardrobe.

The medium will be good for a couple of hundred years or so without constant upgrading and will not suffer any compatability issues.

Or have I broken the myth of the digital camera?

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