OK hands up, how many of you have £250,000 stashed away for your retirement ?

  Dragon_Heart 04:02 28 Jun 2013

Will you all just stop moving ! ....... OK not that many ...... so why does PCA have an ad running for people with that amount of money in their retirement portfolio ?

OK ad revenue is ad revenue but ?

  spuds 16:40 28 Jun 2013

Perhaps in response to the post title, there is an increase of people having £250.000 at their disposal, depending I would suspect on property values?.

I know a couple who own Dunelm, and are perhaps classed as £billionaires. But as they both say "It's only on paper".

  woody 16:55 28 Jun 2013

I have not seen the add - but £250K is not a lot today - if that is all you have IE no house no pension only £250K cash.

  bumpkin 17:13 28 Jun 2013

"that amount of money in their retirement portfolio ?"

Can't find it in my portfolio it's probably in the petty cash account:-)

  Brumas 17:46 28 Jun 2013

I'd be hard pressed to lay my hands on 250,000 pence and I am already retired!

  rdave13 17:54 28 Jun 2013

Where are these ads people keep seeing? Running ones at that? I'm feeling left out.

  bumpkin 18:46 28 Jun 2013

rdave13, don't feel left out, feel lucky you have a decent Ad blocker.

  rdave13 20:02 28 Jun 2013

bumpkin, I don't use an ad blocker.

  Quickbeam 12:10 29 Jun 2013

I've just received a letter from the DW&P informing me that my state retirement age is now 66. The extra year must be so that they can boost my pension fund up to the required £250k.

And here was me thinking that I would have to work until I popped my clogs. How lucky am I? I feel better than James Brown...

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