Oil price fall is no aid to our energy costs

  TopCat® 00:14 21 Oct 2008

Somehow I didn't think it would and some reasons are given on why here - click here - TC.

  peter99co 17:22 21 Oct 2008

will the Darling of the Government then take a slice as a Windfall when they have ripped us all off?

  Condom 17:45 21 Oct 2008

What did you expect. This country is called rip-off Britain for a reason. We get ripped off all the time. Live with it as most people do or stop using the products where you can. eg, I haven't bought a newspaper for 15 years and I can't say I miss the trash they deliver. I'm probably more knowledgeable about things as I get my information free on the Internet and its more reliable. I can't say I'm particularly interested in what Jordan does when her husband storms out or who is visiting who on who's yacht or what some stupid mother allows her even more stupid 14 old daughter to do. I certainly wouldn't spend £1 or whatever it costs nowadays to find out. I guess you can tell by now that my dinner is late.

  spuds 18:57 21 Oct 2008

Yesterday evening on Channel 4 Dispatches was a program about gas and electricity prices. It made very interesting viewing, especially how it was obvious that the gas and electric companies were on a win certainty.

Regarding the governments part, it was also made obvious that EnergyWatch, which the government disbanded were more public friendly that the so called watchdogs we have a present.

It was also pointed out, that the average household supports shareholders of these utility companies by approximately £75.00. Not a bad little earner!.

  TopCat® 23:14 21 Oct 2008

Hidden deals on supplies to the energy companies are alleged by this 'former head of gas trading for a major energy supplier.' click here

Don't worry though because Ofgem is 'consulting on whether it needs new powers to combat potential wholesale market abuses.' Well, that's alright then! TC.

  lofty29 09:17 22 Oct 2008

Where you switch from a nationalised to a privately owned system, which then falls under the control of a few large organisations tight controls need to be put in place, relying on competition alone just will not work, and the consumer will end up suffering, which is what is happening in the UK energy supply. It is obvious that the investment is not being put into the power stations, which is one of the big reasons put forward for the need for large profits, as was said in one of the articles when the oil price went up gas was tied to it, but now it is coming down it has been separated, says it all.

  spuds 10:30 22 Oct 2008

The program that I mentioned earlier, covered most of the subjects raised in TopCat second link. Regarding purchasing from overseas, the report on television seemed to express that most of the UK companies have 'holdings' within these overseas markets, so competition would seem inappropriate perhaps!.

The role of Ofgem appears to be very similar with other so called UK watchdogs. They have no real powers, or at least what powers they do have, they are very reluctant to use. But isn't Ofgem subsidised by the very industry it is suppose to monitor, for the interest and protection to the public!.

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