Oil price dips below $90 a barrel

  peter99co 18:30 06 Oct 2008

Good News or Bad News?

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  Monoux 19:05 06 Oct 2008

Petrol prices still not dropped much from the last fall from $140+ down to circa $100 so dfon't expect them to come down any time soon.

  johndrew 20:04 06 Oct 2008

Perhaps our `friendly` power watchdog should note this given the gas and electricity suppliers claimed the cost of gas and power are liked to that of oil ;-)

  Bingalau 21:23 06 Oct 2008

johndrew.. I think that only applies when it is going up. Never the other way... That would be too simple.

  peter99co 22:42 06 Oct 2008

dropped £93 billion today (FTSE) Whoops!

  [email protected] 00:17 07 Oct 2008

Petrol has dropped in price quite a bit where I'm living - it's now selling at 105.9p / litre, down from 117.9p not so long ago

  Quickbeam 00:21 07 Oct 2008

Why hasn't diesel dropped back to tu'pence a bucketful?

  peter99co 11:54 09 Oct 2008

How low will it go?

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  peter99co 23:38 09 Oct 2008
  Andy 999 09:03 10 Oct 2008

Oil is now around $90 a barrel. When it was $90 a barrel last year, prices at the pump were around 90p a litre, yet we pay 1.05 now. Thats a 40% reduction in price since July, but only a 9% decrease in pump price!! How is that fair?! As soon as the price jumps up the petrol pumps are adjusted accordingly, 'within the hour',yet when it drops they are reluctant to. Europe and US prices have dropped, why do we have to put up with Rip off Britain???=(

  peter99co 14:39 10 Oct 2008

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