Bapou 12:08 09 Oct 2007

This may be a silly question but it's a slow day so what the heck!

I quite like watching The Bill on ITV, yet every episode I'm left wondering why, everytime a suspect or culprit is seen, the bobby shouts "Oi!" or "Oi, Come Here!"

Nine times out of ten the target is not aware of a police presence, as soon as he/she is aware they run like hell and usually escape.

Nowadays we read the Police are hampered by new regulations in apprehending someone. Is this "Oi!" now one of them?

  wiz-king 12:51 09 Oct 2007

procedure ... surely I must be Mr Oi in this PC age?

  Strawballs 12:55 09 Oct 2007

Not if it is a Miss, Mrs or even Ms Oi

  newman35 12:58 09 Oct 2007

Likewise always have sirens blaring when approaching villains - to give them time to get in a car and initiate a 'chase'.
The police have to be sporting about this, after all.

  robgf 13:09 09 Oct 2007

I always think that. But then I suppose there would be no story if the criminals didn't run.
What makes me laugh is the little tiny policewoman (Beth I think)who must weigh about six stone, she is shown wrestling big lumbering blokes to the ground, hardly realistic.

But at least the CID hardly ever shout "GO, GO, GO" anymore, when they decide to apprehend the villains they are watching. That just makes me want to slap them. :)

  spuds 13:22 09 Oct 2007

Political Correctness and Human Rights are at the forefront of police protocol nowadays. Saying or shouting 'Oi' to a possible suspect, might lead to a reprimand from senior levels or sitting magistrate/judge.

"Excuse me Sir/Ms, can you please refrain from doing a possible suspicious and/or illegal act", would possibly be more acceptable than 'Oi'.

Have you noticed that even the smallest incident on the Bill requires blue lights, sirens and fast responses. Then of course we have the door to doors, and CCTV everywhere, which soon provides all the evidence to solve the crime(s) in the hour ;o)

  Bapou 13:59 09 Oct 2007

Beth, now there's a real bundle of fire. No one seems surprised opening the door then having to look down to see who had knocked.

She looks about 16 or 17 years old although I have read they are recruiting at that age now.

Thanks each for responding, nice to know a sense of humour still exists these days.

  postie24 14:54 09 Oct 2007

Whatever happened to DS Don Beech,alias Billy Murray.
Didnt he escape abroad? Thought they might have caught up with him by now.

  alB 16:34 09 Oct 2007

Bring back Regan and Carter "Shut it you slag, you're nicked"...now nobody could take that the wrong way...could they ? ...alB

  Pamy 16:58 09 Oct 2007

postie24, he went to the East End and died in prison. His daughter is the little PCW now in the Bill (Beth).

  Bingalau 17:08 09 Oct 2007

Bring back "Bluey" in that Aussie police series. I can't remember what it was called but always had a chase in it where "Bluey", aged about 40 and who weighed in at about 20 stone, would run after a criminal aged about 18 and weighing about ten stone. Bluey always caught his man.

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