oh what a war operation top class

  timsmith259 14:17 03 Dec 2010
  Jameslayer 14:35 03 Dec 2010

I like the film. Shows what a little bit of sneackyness can do.

  Cymro. 14:50 03 Dec 2010

but I can`t remember what it was called.

  iambeavis 14:56 03 Dec 2010

It was called "The Man Who Never Was."

  anchor 15:02 03 Dec 2010

I recall seeing the original 1956 movie with Clifton Webb, and also read the book written by Ewan Montague in 1953.

The movie kept basically kept to the facts, with the possible exception of the role played by Stephen Boyd who interviewed the supposed girl friend on behalf of the Germans. He then reported back that Major Martin was genuine.

I have also seen the recent fascinating documentary on TV.

Some more interesting reading:

click here

  Cymro. 15:12 03 Dec 2010

I also remember the film. It has been on telly at some time or other. Quite a good film as I remember.

  anchor 09:30 04 Dec 2010

"Operation Mincemeat" Documentary

Sunday 05 December
9:00pm - 10:00pm

Could be worth watching. This is not the same one previously shown on a satellite channel.

  Chris the Ancient 10:55 04 Dec 2010

Available as a book entitled "The Man Who Never Was".

I remember reading the original as a kid.

  peter99co 14:13 04 Dec 2010

They did some crafty things during the war. Like moving a town by creating a copy down the coast. and hiding the Suez Canal using mirrors.

Strange to think the Magic Circle where involved.

  Bingalau 14:36 04 Dec 2010

Now they have been and gone and hidden Brumas's car. He may find it about June according to the weather forecast.

  peter99co 22:12 05 Dec 2010

watched the BBC2 about Operation Mincemeat. I did not realize the full extent of the effect it had on the course of the war.

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