Oh my god what's happened

  hssutton 15:06 02 Jun 2015

At the moment I'm totally lost. Don't think I like this new layout. I guess I may get used to it, but at my age it's totally alien so I doubt it. What do other members think

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:55 05 Jun 2015

ctrl + mouse scroll wheel to zoom web pages

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:00 05 Jun 2015

For PC Towers info:- assuming your still monitoring this thread for feed back :0)

Starting to see some really old threads being reopened so can only asume the thread locking after three months is no longer operating however it must mean the search facility is working better ;0)

  bumpkin 12:05 05 Jun 2015

Thanks FB, now sorted that.

  bumpkin 12:09 05 Jun 2015

wee eddie, what happens when you click on the burger (3 horizontal white lines) The bottom line should show your name,account,log out. Is it not doing this in your case?

  wee eddie 12:30 05 Jun 2015

Bumpkin - Thanks.

I think that congratulations to the PCA Team are in order. It looks good and most everything is now working.

Particularly ~ The speed of loading, which has improved immensely.

As to the Mobile Platform, I shall wait till tonight to comment.

  BT 12:59 05 Jun 2015

The 'Hover' dropdowns only work if you can see the white Google search box in the header bar. Adjust your zoom till you can see this. The % zoom varies according to your monitor. My desktop 20" WS can go to 125% but my 15" laptop WS can only go to 110%

  bumpkin 13:09 05 Jun 2015

Now that we have got over the teething problems, I have to say that I am also impressed.

  wee eddie 16:55 05 Jun 2015

Mobile version still not fit for purpose

  lotvic 19:39 05 Jun 2015

Have you seen the message you get after using 'contact Forum Editor' link? I don't know whether to laugh or cry, it says he'll get back to you lickety split

  john bunyan 19:51 05 Jun 2015


Well spotted. Lynn Truss would be proud! ( Eats shoots and Leaves!!)

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