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Oh my god what's happened

  hssutton 15:06 02 Jun 2015

At the moment I'm totally lost. Don't think I like this new layout. I guess I may get used to it, but at my age it's totally alien so I doubt it. What do other members think

  Matt Egan 16:14 02 Jun 2015

We would be delighted to know of any feedback, good or bad. Keep it coming. I appreciate that change is never easy, but we tried to keep the functionality the same. If you notice anything missing let us know: it may well be an oversight. And I should say that the upgrade was required for site speed and mobile use, so we're not just meddling for no reason!


  simonjary 16:16 02 Jun 2015

I hope regular forum users will soon find their feet. We deliberately changed little on the forums, but if there's something you'd like to see added/subtracted please tell us!

  hssutton 16:47 02 Jun 2015

Bemused as to why this post has been missing for the hour, Then suddenly re-appears

  robin_x 17:05 02 Jun 2015

Breaking News: Rolf Harris escapes and goes mad with a paintbrush at publishing house

It's not hurting my eyes yet. I may even sort of like it (ish).

Did you manage to fix the Reply formatting problems too? eg when inserting (example) click here links?

If not, please keep on To Do list

=-=-= ------

Took me a while to find Login, SignUp et al hiding behind the 3 horizontal bars

  robin_x 17:19 02 Jun 2015

What does Autofill do?

Request: Any chance of an Edit function/Button for recently made posts?

  BT 17:43 02 Jun 2015

No dropdown when running mouse over the Forum heading. Now you have to click on it and scroll down to find the one you want.

No poster's name on the post heading until you actually open up the post.

Don't like it at all.

  bremner 17:44 02 Jun 2015

Clicking on the time of last posting takes you to page one not the last page.

  Aitchbee 17:45 02 Jun 2015

The new site does not work with IE8.

  Brumas 17:53 02 Jun 2015

Well, I like it, but ask me again after a Friday Night session ;o}

  Batch 18:02 02 Jun 2015

This is crass. Yet another example of form over function (just as the BBC website is).

I can't see how this helps mobile use at all.

Huge amount of scrolling and clicking required to achieve anything.

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