Oh how I feel so frustrated when...............

  jack 10:50 01 Mar 2007

Reading through a particular thread, with an answer already forumulating in my mind, and the next post down some one says for me :-(

  crosstrainer 11:29 01 Mar 2007

You could try a speed typing course!! (laughs)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:04 01 Mar 2007

worse when you type it all in and find someone has posted it two seconds earlier ;0)

  The Brigadier 12:15 01 Mar 2007

Sadly that is life for you.

  Cymro. 13:16 01 Mar 2007

Not just posted it before you, but managing to say it much better and in less words.

  jack 13:42 01 Mar 2007

for the guy[ess] who posted before you/me with the same answer and me/you

  Cymro. 14:00 01 Mar 2007

No bother to me as I am always wrong anyway, or so my wife is always telling me.

  spuds 18:59 01 Mar 2007

I put it down to a sign of old age or perhaps a change in the weather ;o)

  oresome 19:28 01 Mar 2007

My wife is amazed at how I can speak with such authority and conviction and be so wrong most of the time.

I retort that MP's do it all the time.

  Totally-braindead 20:12 01 Mar 2007

Reading through a post with an answer in my mind I type away and discover someone has posted the exact same thing a few minutes before. How annoying is that.
Oh damn its happened again.

Seriously though, if someone beats you to the punch with a solution to a problem its good for the poster of the thread as he or she has at least two different people giving the same advice - surely thats a good thing anyway.
Nobodys right all the time and its a good thing to get confirmation.

  Forum Editor 00:08 02 Mar 2007

is prepare a template. Have some generic thread-type sentences already typed up, but with blank spaces scattered around. Then, when you want to be quick of the mark with a response you could just whack in a few keywords relative to the subject and quickly hit the 'post response' button.

Try it, and see if we notice.

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