Oh, for goodness sake, when will it stop?

  BigRik 20:02 04 Oct 2008

I can't begin to imagine what I would say to either of my boys if they did anything close to what this little (enter expletive of choice here) did.

click here

I sometimes have to question this "age of responsibility" thing. I find it hard to believe that any child of seven years of age would not realise he or she was doing something like this and knowing it was wrong, but perhaps someone could tell me otherwise.

  peter99co 20:09 04 Oct 2008

A child of 7 is not responsible for his actions because they live in cuckoo land most of the time. The parents are the one's who need looking at.

This does not condone his actions but shows how easy his access was and might make the Zoo rethink it's security arrangments.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:37 04 Oct 2008

a future serial killer here. If left unchecked, theres no telling what this 'little darling' will graduate to.


  BigRik 20:42 04 Oct 2008

Of course the parents need 'looking at', and I hope the Zoo does put them through a legal process, but I still believe a child of seven knows right from wrong, and they love making other people think they are just a little 'cuckoo'.

  BigRik 20:45 04 Oct 2008

How rightly so.

Perhaps a psychological evaluation suitable for a child of his age would be prudent.

  rdave13 20:48 04 Oct 2008

"This does not condone his actions but shows how easy his access was and might make the Zoo rethink it's security arrangments."
This begs the question; "Why should they"? Is our society so sick that everything should be nailed, bolted, screwed, glued and locked just to keep out the "innocence"?
What's the answer?

  peter99co 20:51 04 Oct 2008

Higher fences and better parenting.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:02 04 Oct 2008

Lower the fences, lock up the parents for neglect.

Feed the kid to the crocodiles.


  egapup 21:08 04 Oct 2008

"Feed the kid to the crocodiles." Along with his useless parents.

  rdave13 21:10 04 Oct 2008

Better parenting I agree. This depends on where you live and how you survive. Different areas of our country are somewhat ruled by the law of the drugs; or should that be the law of the jungle.
Parents are not always to be blamed; however hard they try.
Higher fences just shows how ineffectual our society is becoming to show respect to one and other in my humble opinion.

  peter99co 21:10 04 Oct 2008

Where were the parents in the 30 mins of mayhem?

I bet if the crocs had got him they would have been a bit cross with the Zoo's feeding arrangments.

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