Oh dear now what have I done?

  jack 10:23 26 Mar 2010

I have always maintained thekeep changing the car to keep up is a fools way. So long as it goes and does not need repairs too often - simply run it into the ground. My current car is 01 0n a Y and has done only 32k- and so far has not need any major waor - so lots of life yet.
On Tuesday evening last at my regular visit to my computing chum where the 'Scottish Falling Down Water' flows freely -we got to discussing
the silly interest rates offered for general instant access savings and how to make the money be more useful. Then we got onto cars and the Road Fund tax increase as usual in April and the ever rising cost of petrol.
'I know chop the old car in and get an 'Eco Diesel'
And this is what I have been and gone and done.
So now £90 p.a. tax and with luck and belief in the performance figs - need only to fuel the car every other month.
So was/is this a good move or was the 'SFW' talking?

  Quickbeam 10:41 26 Mar 2010

Obviously you wanted to change cars, it'll take a long time (never) for the road tax saving to justify it;)

  Kevscar1 11:02 26 Mar 2010

Drive it for a month or so then you will be able to comeback and answer your own question.

  Pine Man 12:13 26 Mar 2010

Don't ever try to justify buying a new car on any grounds.

If you can afford one and you want one BUY IT!

I change my car every two years and it is probably, no definitely, the worst investment I could possibly make but what the hell it's what I want!

  Cymro. 12:35 26 Mar 2010

I change mine every three years. Peace of mind is what it is all about and that is what I pay for by changing me car so often.
As you say Pine Man "what the hell it's what I want!
Buying a car was never a good investment and there have always been arguments about the cheapest way to own and run a car.

  Colin 12:39 26 Mar 2010

A lot of people make the decision to buy an expensive item as if they are a company looking at the financial aspects of a purchase, e.g. tax efficiency, depreciation etc. Fortunately, we're humans, not robots, so do as Pine Man says, if you can do it, do it! You may want a sports car or a big screen TV but you don't need it. Need and want are two completely different things. Generally, businesses buy things they need, but people buy things they want.

  sunnystaines 12:56 26 Mar 2010

garages seem to be reverting back to charging more for diesel of late they were the same or slightly cheaper in 2009

  Colin 13:06 26 Mar 2010

The benefit of a diesel car for a private motorist is virtually nil. As sunnystaines says the cost of diesel can be more than unleaded and I think the break even point is 20,000 miles a year - a lot higher than the average private motorist does. But that’s the black & white view. In my opinion a diesel engine car can be more enjoyable to drive than it’s petrol equivalent especially with regard to torque and the ease of overtaking, but I’m talking about at least a 2.0TDi engine.

  jack 14:17 26 Mar 2010

I feel a lot better/worse now.
I collect on April 1st--;@}

  Kevscar1 14:41 26 Mar 2010

I'd check to make it's all there then and the wheel nuts are tight.

  Chegs ®™ 16:27 26 Mar 2010

I can't afford to fill my present car with petrol(£50 for 3/4's of a tank on wednesday)let alone change it.My last car was £350 & lasted me over 6yrs of "50p to pass the MOT" before ultimately expiring due to all the wireworm.The present car has already been parked-up for 2mths due to total electrical failure,requiring a replacement alternator,will run for months with no oil usage then overnight spit the lot out.

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