Oh Dear! this isnt going to go down too well!!

  tein 20:50 08 Oct 2009

Mmm im supprised at the ausy's! i didnt think this would be allowed!

click here

  jakimo 21:54 08 Oct 2009

Australians seem to have a different outlook on PC matters than we do,my link is an example

click here

  wolfie3000 22:59 08 Oct 2009

Oh wow thats awesome, loved the song and dancing.
Not racist at all but just some guys having some fun.

Always annoys me when people start screaming racist at things like this but find it perfectly alright having comedians like Jeff Dunham use puppets like Achmed the dead terrorist in there show.

BTW i love Jeff Dunham. :)

  Forum Editor 00:04 09 Oct 2009

It might annoy you even more if you were black. If you're white you're not really in a position to say "Not racist at all but just some guys having some fun." are you?

The fact that these men were allowed to appear on TV in this way sums up Australia's problem with race issues perfectly. It was a disgrace, and Harry Connick Jr was perfectly right to act as he did.

  OTT_Buzzard 00:36 09 Oct 2009

Strange. I didn't see it as a racist attack of any sprt. I just saw a bunch of people ripping the Mick (ahem!) of the Jacksons.

Oh well. I guess that just makes me insensitive. But then as Wolfe3000 has touched on, comedy is, for a large part, about breaking barriers.

  dagnammit 00:45 09 Oct 2009

If a black man painted himself white to do an act I wouldn't be offended. I suspect he'd be criticised by many black people for not having pride in his skin colour/ethnicity though. I wouldn't be offended because I don't see my (white) skin colour as my part of my identity... if I did I'd be classed as a racist.

Black pride is fine... white pride is racist.

  wolfie3000 03:38 09 Oct 2009

FE you kinda missed my point.
Which is the fact racism is only racism when there is hate and or malice involved.

These guys had no intention of doing this to be racist or to spread hate.

As Dagnammit said if a black guy whited up how many white people would scream racism??

Why arent people screaming RACIST!! at Jeff Dunham??

Also why is my views on racism less valid than a black persons?

  wolfie3000 03:40 09 Oct 2009

Also FE by your logic doesn't that mean your in no position to call it racist either??

  Chegs ®™ 09:19 09 Oct 2009

I agree with the point wolfie is making,when such as Michael Jackson appeared onstage with inch thick white makeup nobody accused him of being racist so why should black people complain when white people don black makeup?

What happened to the "off switch" on peoples TV? If you see something that you dont like on TV,turn the telly off.Dont start firing off letters of complaint.The broadcasters will soon get the idea of what people want to watch when the viewing figures plummet and if its a commercial station then the advertisers will too.

  donki 10:28 09 Oct 2009

Is a man dressing as a woman being sexist? It all gets a bit much IMO, I didn't particularly like the act but I did't see anything racist in the act.

Throughout his life MJ done his best to turn himself into a white man. This same man had a large proportion of the world in a state of morning, why is this not racism. Anyway its hardly a big deal, well in my eyes anyway.

  Grey Goo 11:13 09 Oct 2009

I wonder how long it will be before some ethnic group consider stamp collecting as racist. Just see the headlines,"Philatelist to be hung drawn and quartered for possesion of a Penny Black."

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