Officially Proving you are still alive and married question

  daisy2bell 20:49 23 Jul 2012

Hi. Rather an unusual question.

I am retired. I lived for about 20 years in a European country, and receive a small state pension from that country. However,that county needs annual proof from a UK authority that I am still alive and still married in order for me to continue receiving this pension.

The only authority I can think of is "Births Deaths and Marriages".

Would I be correct, or has anyone any different solutions.

Thanks in advance

  morddwyd 21:00 23 Jul 2012

Does HMRC give you a married person's allowance?

  natdoor 21:03 23 Jul 2012

I would assume that a Notary Public would be the sort of person to provide your evidence.

  daisy2bell 21:17 23 Jul 2012

Thanks morddwyd and natdoor.

Married allowance only if one spouse was born before 6 April 1935, I'm not that old.

Notary Public, that seems to be something I could look in to.

Thanks again.

I'll keep this open in case there are other replies.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:26 23 Jul 2012

Department for Work and Pensions?

If they are still issuing you and your spouse a pension they must assume ou are both still alive :0)

  daisy2bell 21:32 23 Jul 2012

Thanks Fruit Bat

That could be the answer

  Forum Editor 21:33 23 Jul 2012

What about a solicitor? You can swear an affidavit and the solicitor witnesses it. You may find that will be acceptable. It's easy, cheap, and quick.

  onionskin 00:31 24 Jul 2012

Notary Publics charge a lot for a little. You should ask the pension provider to inform you which authority in your area is acceptable to them. My father in law has to show his face at the Goethe-Institut in Manchester once a year in order to continue receiving his German Army pension.

  BT 09:00 24 Jul 2012

I wouldn't hold out much hope with DWP. When I turned 65 they said they had no record that I was Married, even though in the early days we had Married persons Tax allowance before it was abolished, and also Child tax allowance. I had to take our marriage certificate into a Job Centre to prove that we had in fact been married for 35 years at the time. All they did was take a photocopy of the certificate and letter. It made a big difference to the amount of Pension I was entitled to claim.

  john bunyan 09:18 24 Jul 2012

I have to do the same as I have a small Dutch OAP. They send a form and I go to the local council office, ask for the electoral roll section, who put their stamp on the form confirmimg my wife and I are alive and kicking - free, no problem.

  Bing.alau 09:28 24 Jul 2012

Your next of kin will have the job of notifying all the necessary authorities when you peg out too. So make sure you leave details of these things handy for them to do so. It may save them problems later on.

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