Official: Texting while driving is very dangerous

  WhiteTruckMan 03:20 19 Sep 2008

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Frankly I'm more amazed that someone felt it necessary to conduct a study to find this out!


  al7478 03:43 19 Sep 2008

Hmmm. Reassuring tho, innit...

  Noldi 06:13 19 Sep 2008

I have enough trouble Texting sitting on a bus let alone driving a car.


  octal 06:26 19 Sep 2008

The message doesn't seemed to be getting through (excuse the pun) but I have twice avoided a serious accident because some Muppet was on their mobile phone whilst driving, now texting is the last straw and the penalties should now match the crime, because I might not be able to take avoiding action if someone has taken their eyes off the road and hits me.

  ronalddonald 07:34 19 Sep 2008

4 som time now we now its wrong to text while driving. So why the heck havent the law officers enforced their powers of arrest in these kinda situations... I still see people chating on mob while drving yet they dont get caugt or fined. On averag i c at least two drivers a day, differnt drivers, differnt cars.

  Quickbeam 08:08 19 Sep 2008

The penalty for this should be removal of the thumbs by a pair of rusty bolt crops. That'll stop 'em...

  newman35 08:20 19 Sep 2008

I believe part of the problem for the police is they have to catch the person 'in the act' and when you just see someone passing who is temporarily 'looking down' whilst driving, it must be hard to determine if they are texting.

However, holding a phone to the ear should be easier to spot.

My own view is that until phoning/texting is made socially unacceptable, like drink driving, then attitudes will not change. Perhaps a very public 'blitz' with maximum fines automatically handed out might help.

  BT 08:41 19 Sep 2008

I often wonder how people managed before mobile phones. Why do people have to be in contant contact at all times. I'd be willing to bet that 90% of mobile calls and texts are just unimportant social contacts.
I once drove for about 3 miles through busy South London traffic with a woman in a 4x4 talking and laughing on a Mobile behind me. Obviously from her expressions not an important call just a social chat!

I have a mobile but its only switched on if I wish to make a call. Very few people have its number and know that I'm unlikely to answer it unless there's a good reason for it to be on. There are very few occasions when a call to my landline will not be sufficient to contact me.

  GRIDD 09:06 19 Sep 2008

A woman I work with went home sick the other night... She told us the next day she was pulled over for using her mobile phone. Being the sort of girl she is (very loud) and being irritable from feeling unwell she got out of the car and shouted "what?".

The Police Officer said "madam do you know why we pulled you over?" my colleague said "No, otherwise I wouldn't have asked WHAT? "

He told her he'd pulled her over for using her mobile phone. She laughed and said "my phone is on my kitchen table, the battery is DEAD - there's no phone in the car!!!".

He looked in the car and said ok and off he went. No "sorry" etc so she spoke to a PO friend of hers and apparently they'll do it randomly if they're bored.

  peter99co 11:07 19 Sep 2008

There should be a barrier/screen to prevent any phone signals used within the car compartment. Mobile phone use in a car should only be one that is built in to the car radio system via the cars own antenna. Outgoing calls should be blocked if the car is in motion. Even then hands free is a distraction.

  Si_L 11:49 19 Sep 2008

As if I study was needed to carry this out! Calling and texting both require one hand on the phone, but for texting you need to look at the screen.

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