Official sacked over Baby P case

  peter99co 15:11 01 Dec 2008

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Sharon Shoesmith, head of children's services at Haringey Council, has been removed from her post

  Chegs ®™ 16:01 01 Dec 2008


  interzone55 16:01 01 Dec 2008

Hopefully there will be no Golden Handshake, and she'll be barred from working with children for life.

Question is, who'll want to take on that job when it becomes vacant in the new year?

  johndrew 16:43 01 Dec 2008

`.. who'll want to take on that job when it becomes vacant ..`

Someone with experience of life who is prepared not to believe all they are told and has the gumption to be prepared to call in a second opinion or remove a child if they are in doubt.

Additionally it would be better if all pediatricians who examine children at risk do their jobs properly and do not need to be removed from post as happened to one in this case.

  lofty29 16:54 01 Dec 2008

I think that in this case there would have been an uproar is some one's head did not roll, unfortuatly to late for the baby, bet she will get a big payoff but that will be kept under wraps, normally the toilet cleaner gets the blame, whereas management should to be responsible for their departments, but so often are not.

  bremner 17:29 01 Dec 2008

This women's arrogance beggared belief.

If there was any justice she would be prosecuted for neglect of her duty and be banged up for a considerable time. Instead she will almost certainly be getting a payoff.

  Teaboy 17:49 01 Dec 2008

Please Guys, don't be too quick to jump to conclusions regarding golden handshakes. The local population would not like it were it to happen.

  oresome 18:08 01 Dec 2008

".......... or remove a child if they are in doubt."

The reality is that the application would be thrown out of court unless the evidence was there.

Removing a child from the natural parents is not something to be undertaken lightly and can be very damaging to the childs future development. Not all children get loving foster parents. Some spend years in homes and even get abused by staff.

I'm not defending the situation in this case, but pointing out that the decision as to what is best for the child is not always an easy one to make.

  anskyber 18:13 01 Dec 2008

Not correct.

Six have been suspended pending a disciplinary hearing the outcome of which is capable of being challenged at an independent tribunal.

A sacking can only take place if there is a finding of gross misconduct and that would have to be demonstrated at the hearing which is quasi judicial. In the event of a finding of gross misconduct there is no pay off, such things only occur if there is a negotiated resignation.

  egapup 18:46 01 Dec 2008

A prison sentence for neclect might be appropriate.

  Forum Editor 18:48 01 Dec 2008

The Council leader George Meehan and the authority's cabinet member for children, Liz Santry, have resigned.

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