Offensive email from Ebay member

  Totally-braindead 22:47 10 Jul 2004

I received an email from someone on Ebay asking about an item I had for sale, I replied and I presume when you send back by clicking reply it just goes thru and they get your email address. No problems with that but when the bidding ended and the person did not win, whether that had anything to do with it or not I don't know, I received an email from this person not going thru Ebay calling me all sorts of names, you know swearing and the like which I can't put here for obvious reasons. Now I must admit it annoyed me and if someone had done this on the street had done this, well you get the idea. Now I've blocked them from sending emails to me so I won't be bothered again but I've been trying to contact Ebay to report this, I mean if they do it to me chances are they'll do it to someone else. But I can't seem to get through to them what I'm complaining about, I just get these stupid automated emails back. I could just forget it as we all know there are stupid people about but it kind of goes against the grain to leave it like this. Does anyone know of another way to contact Ebay? Thanks.

  spuds 23:00 10 Jul 2004

Check this page out, it may help click here

  BIG ben strikes 10 09:10 11 Jul 2004

i had that before.but it was buying a item.they didn't send it after i stopped the cheque.and i e-mailed them sayingm "ow come the item never it in the post?".and replyed with all sorts of insaults...some people.<tut>.
totally braindead. don't worry don't let anyone stop you from using isn't you who should be stopped is those nasty ebay members!.thankyou spuds i think you should show that to the nasty members on ebay.thanks

  Forum Editor 10:04 11 Jul 2004

is to forget about it, and carry on with your life. This kind of thing happens - it's regrettable, but it's the real world. Don't waste any more time on it.

  Totally-braindead 12:52 11 Jul 2004

Yes FE I kind of thought that myself, its just I don't like letting people off with it. Theres really no excuse for bad manners.

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