Ofcom reporting BT to the European Commission

  oresome 15:10 29 Nov 2016

Would this be the same commission we are in pre-talks to leave following the results of a referendum?

Perhaps we can allow them one final act to screw up our telecom infrastructure before we say goodbye.

Background to the dispute is the operation of Openreach which is wholly owned by BT but is meant to be quite detached in it's commercial dealings with the various service providers including it's parent company. Ofcom doesn't think it's detached enough following pressure from the unrelated service providers who surprise, surprise don't want to stump up the capital outlay themselves for new infrastructure.

  oresome 17:30 30 Nov 2016

117 views and no one felt inclined to comment!

I thought at least one reader would have come back and said it was about time that BT was broken up or why involve the EU when we will most likely have left before their investigation even starts.

I read today from a former employee that BT wanted to lay fibre many years ago, but were stopped by the Government of the day who were concerned that it would hamper competition from new entrants. Now they are being criticised for not rolling out fibre fast enough!

The reality is that the privatisation of a natural monopoly was flawed from day one and the new entrants only wanted to cherry pick the most profitable areas.


I do not use BT as my service provider, but my SP uses the BT network for at least the last mile.

I am a BT shareholder.

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