Ofcom put pressures on BSkyB sports

  TopCat® 09:58 31 Mar 2010

After a three year investigation the regulator "has told Sky it must cut the price it charges rival cable, terrestrial and internet broadcasters to show its premium sports channels..." Sports 1 and 2 channels will be affected. click here

BskyB will appeal against the "unwarranted intervention." TC.

  Quickbeam 10:50 31 Mar 2010

I still say that Sky haven't cottoned onto the huge numbers of as yet non-subscribers. Us that don't watch a lot of telly, and therefore don't think it value for money to subscribe.

Will we ever see pay as you watch premium TV?
Yes, it'll have a premium price over full subscribers, but at the moment, there's only the newly advertised The Pacific, that appeals to me.

I watch all Six Nations games in a sports club if I don't go, you don't get a good atmosphere at home. And as much as I like test cricket, there aren't many people with the time or patience to watch a full five days play.

There's a huge untapped audience that won't buy a full subscription.

  morddwyd 11:42 31 Mar 2010

I know there are arguments both ways, but to me this is simply market forces.

Regardless of what the product is, a company has bid for, and won, the right to sell a product.

Now they're being told they must sell it at a price fixed by the government.

I know I'm probably oversimplifying, but that is little removed from government manipulation of the so-called free market.

  TopCat® 12:39 31 Mar 2010

Here's further opinion on this story from BBC's Robert Peston. TC. click here

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