The odd things you come across on TV whilst at deaths door.

  Chronos the 2nd 15:15 03 Apr 2013

Perhaps not quite deaths door but it certainly felt like it for a while,I experienced new ailment to me,Transient ischaemic attack (TIA), anyway whilst channel hopping trying desperately to find something that has not been repeated more times than an unfulfilled election promise.

We have all seen in the EPG (Electronic program guide), an indication of whether a film contains violence or sex or drug usage and quite often the violence is nothing more than a stamp of the foot, the sex is little more than a kiss and the drug use is some taking an aspirin.

There was a children's film The little Vampire which supposedly contained violence, never found out what it was as it was so boring I fell asleep. But later on there was a program on the channel Yesterday called Nazi Collaborators which had video clips of people being lined up above a trench then shot causing then to fall into the trench, yet in the EPG absolutely no mention of the program would contain violence and actual executions.

I found this to be very odd and have emailed Yesterday asking what the official or legal obligations are.

  Aitchbee 15:40 03 Apr 2013

The inhumane brutalities of Hitler's Nazi Party [on the Jews] should never ever be censored or forgotten about; our children should know and see what happened in mainland Europe just a few decades ago.

  fourm member 15:44 03 Apr 2013

The important thing about being at death's door is - DON'T KNOCK.

A friend of mine had a TIA four weeks ago so I've got some idea of what it means both at the time and after. Take the pills, do as you're told and I hope you're better soon.

The Ofcom Broadcasting Code seems to be the place to look for an answer though I can't see anything specific about EPGs. A quick read seems to suggest that there are judgements to be made. When Channel 5 was subject of a complaint about explicit footage of shark attacks it claimed, successfully, that the trailers referred to horrific attacks and the announcement before the programme said it contained footage of shark attacks. Taken together, Channel 5 thought it had done enough to make people aware of what was to come without the need for a specific warning.

I'd guess Yesterday would expect people to have an idea of what sort of content would be in a programme called 'Nazi Collaborators'. You might, with justification, say there are children today who don't know much about WWII.

I just had another look at Ofcom's site.. This report might have more on the issue.

  AroundAgain 18:23 03 Apr 2013

Hi Chronos the 2nd

Haven't a clue re the tv progs

"We have all seen in the EPG (Electronic program guide),..." I have to question all as I've never heard of it ;) so I'm obviously missing something ;)

Anyway, actually just wanted to take the opportunity to wish you well and hope you are getting over your TIA.

Cheers J

  Chronos the 2nd 18:56 03 Apr 2013

If you have a modern TV with Freeview or Sky or Virgin then you have access to EPG look on your remote/ s for a button marked Info or even EPG.

It is much the same as a TV page in newspapers it gives details of program's on the channels you have access to.

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