Odd question, outlet thread on CO2 bottle

  bumpkin 15:34 22 Feb 2015

Maybe an strange place to ask but I have googled and got no simple anwer. I just want to know what the thread is on the output side of a standard pub type CO2 gas bottle. From what I have looked at it would seem it is 5/8" BSP but not really clear, does anyone know for certain.

  bumpkin 14:00 24 Feb 2015

Thwarted yet again, AirLiquide do have them £3.59 but their minimum order charge is £50.00.

The fitting is called "CO2 female x G1/2" which is 0.860"14TPI x 1/2 BSP. I can't find one elsewhere unless anyone has any suggestions.

  Ex plorer 16:59 24 Feb 2015
  wee eddie 17:14 24 Feb 2015

What is it that you want to do with this CO2.

Although these big cylinders are expensive to buy, it is not the contents that makes them expensive. If you can prove ownership, you should be able to get quite a decent price for the cylinder, full or not.

  bumpkin 17:33 24 Feb 2015

strongyou should be able to get quite a decent price for the cylinder, full or not. text

I don't want to sell the cylinder, just get the correct adapter.

Explorer, thankyou for your input but these are not the connectors I require.

  bumpkin 17:36 24 Feb 2015

Wee eddie, it is pub size not welding size and I want to use it as a freezing agent.

  wee eddie 19:38 24 Feb 2015

Doomed - A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

  bumpkin 20:20 24 Feb 2015

wee eddie, what is doomed?

  Forum Editor 11:54 25 Feb 2015

"I want to use it as a freezing agent."

I hope you know what you are doing - Carbon dioxide inhalation can cause serious problems if inhaled in relatively low concentrations - as little as 15% in air.

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