Obtaining and using Grants and Funding?.

  spuds 10:12 09 Jul 2013

It seems a little bit quiet again this morning, so here's something to perhaps contribute to?.

We often hear about Grants or Funding for this that or the other. From the public being eligible to major organisations and industries.

Have you ever taken the route of obtaining a grant or funding for something, and if you did, how did you fair?.

  fourm member 13:27 09 Jul 2013

I could go off on a spectacular rant but I doubt that would do much good.

I'll just say that I would never again have anything to do with a grant where you have to spend the money on your project first and then claim it back.

Of course, when the grant provider says it is unilaterally changing the contract terms a year after the project has finished and, as a result, you'll only get half the money you can have a two year fight and deal with the accusations of fraud until eventually the grant body backs down and admits it was wrong all along. It is much less stressful, however, not to bother with trying to make improvements for the benefit of the community.

  finerty 15:16 09 Jul 2013

The student loan comapny is very very useless and waste of time. They disciminate unless you apeal which is very very very time consuming. The counless phone calss you make makes you wonder why apply for lan whne they dont want to pay out, and lso they are always always on trying to make excuses in notpaying and wasting your timer and money.

Im not aware of any oyther organisations for funds and grants, but i have come across in my local libray some organisatiosn if write to them they may consider if you meet their criteria

  fourm member 15:28 09 Jul 2013


'That should act as a warning to others to get the money first.'

That option wasn't available. The scheme was set up to reimburse against receipted invoices. We couldn't change that. We just assumed that we could trust the word of the funding body.

How wrong we were.

  Forum Editor 15:31 09 Jul 2013


Student loans are just that - loans. They are not grants.

You say 'they don't want to pay out' but you don't say why. Student loans are paid direct to colleges and universities to cover tuition fees, and you have to repay the loan.

If you meet the criteria you'll get a loan - there's no question of the loan companies not wanting to make the loans.

  fourm member 15:50 09 Jul 2013

I seem to have replied to a post that isn't there. I don't know why it's gone. I certainly didn't see anything wrong with it.

  spuds 16:19 09 Jul 2013

The word criteria seems to come into grants and funding quite a lot, and this can lead into many bouts of confusion. Perhaps similar to what fourm member might have suggested, by a possible goal post change, or someone not quite complying?.

There are a vast amount of grants and funding available for all sorts of things, but one of the major bugbears is actually trying to find it, or getting the correct information, that was perhaps originally intended?.

Over the years, I have applied for a number of grants or funding arrangements for a variety of things, and by doing so, can see how obstacles that should not have been, have actually occured. On the other hand, other routes have been remarkably easy, but I put most of this down to the administration body or person dealing with the application.

Perhaps as an example, about 10 years ago I applied for a well published home improvement grant that the government had made available to local council's. My application was rejected outright, because I supposedly didn't fit the criteria. Taking this a step further, I was eventually awarded a grant for £5000.00 because 'my criteria' was acceptable within the scheme, and the person responsible for the administration, had apparently 'made a mistake'. it made me wonder, how many other people had received the same rejections, when they should not have been.

Since that time, I have never accepted outright what I read or have been told on this subject. Because a little bit of homework can and indeed does bring dividends, if you stick with it. Yes you might have the occasional failure, but usually those failures can turn out be be a good thing on broadening your knowledge on this subject of receiving grants and funding.

  bumpkin 16:55 09 Jul 2013

Lotvic's post I have not seen, removed?

  lotvic 17:42 09 Jul 2013

Yes, my post seems to have vanished. I didn't say anything controversial. Just that I had good experiences of getting grants for various purposes in the past for a Charity. (No names were mentioned)

  Forum Editor 18:53 09 Jul 2013


Mea culpa. There was nothing whatever wrong with your post, but I deleted it when I deleted a duplicate post by fourm member.

Put it down to the heat, and a long drive up and down the M11 today. I apologise.

  lotvic 19:09 09 Jul 2013

FE okay, Hope you had a nice long cool drink waiting for you when you finally turned car engine off :)

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