Obtaining ones medical records from GP's computer.

  bumpkin 22:12 18 Apr 2017

Obtaining ones medical records from GP's computer.

I believe that this is possible and that you can obtain a full printout of all the data they have for a £10 fee, am I correct and if so has anyone here done this. Also can I obtain my recently deceased wife's records.

  Forum Editor 22:33 18 Apr 2017

You can make a Subject Access Request (SAR) to your GP, but you will almost certainly have to pay a fee - £10 in the case of electronic records, or up to £60 if the records you want are held in paper form.

If your GP has your records online, you can see them free of charge.

You can access the records of a deceased person if you are a personal representative (the executor or administrator of the deceased person's estate) or someone who has a claim resulting from the death (this could be a relative or another person).

You must make the SAR request in writing to the deceased person's GP.

In all cases, access must be given within 60 days of the request.

  bumpkin 22:59 18 Apr 2017

Thank you for your helpful reply, how do I find out if my records are online? I don't mind paying the fee or printing them myself if that is an option but I would like to view the complete records including all test results and drugs prescribed. To my knowledge all this information is stored on computers, I only wish to go back 10yrs not from birth. Also what about hospital records? are these included.

  lotvic 00:09 19 Apr 2017

I got mine from GP surgery, my practice doesn't make them available online. Put request in writing (had to state that they are wanted only for personal private use) and paid the fee - it was more than £10 as not all the records were on computer and they had to be photo-copied.

I suggest you ask the receptionist for the current charges for a paper copy for the period of years you are wanting, if they don't have them available online for you to view.

Hospital records - you have to request them from your Hospital Medical Records dept.

  Forum Editor 08:46 19 Apr 2017

"how do I find out if my records are online?"

Just ask. At the moment, around a quarter of UK citizens can access their records online. That proportion will rise quite rapidly in the future.

"what about hospital records? are these included."

Yes, you have a right to see your hospital records, but as lotvic has already stated, you must apply separately (in writing) to the hospital concerned.

  wee eddie 10:31 19 Apr 2017

My Doctor's Practice have just asked me to join the EMIS Online Patient Access.

I read the T&Cs, I may have misinterpreted them but, they seem to say,

If you are hacked, it's your fault.

If WE are hacked, it's your fault.

And its them running the System on Windows 95 PCs!

  bumpkin 14:17 19 Apr 2017

* it's your fault.*

It always is where anything medical is concerned.

  wee eddie 14:23 19 Apr 2017

I have refused to sign up and given them my reasons, in writing, and gone back to ordering repeat prescriptions over the phone. Must be costing them money.

  hssutton 10:16 20 Apr 2017

I'm also having problems with my GP and medical records. As I've mentioned previously I have a severely disabled daughter with learning difficulties aged 49. After being with the same sugery for over 30 years they now refuse to inform either my wife or myself regarding our daughters health matters. My niece who is a practice manager advised me to get a neighbour to witness our daughters signature to letter giving permission. The practice have rejected this letter saying they cannot read the signature even though they have the witness address and telephone number. We have no problems with the hostpital Consultants who discuss everthing regarding my daughters health and any treatment/medication required. I'm now having to look at taking out a lasting Power of attorney. If anyone has any advice on doing this it would be very much appreciated

  Forum Editor 13:40 20 Apr 2017


This should tell you what you need to know.

  lotvic 20:27 20 Apr 2017

wee eddie, Your GPs may have their inhouse pcs on W95 but I can assure you that EMIS do not run their system on Windows 95.

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