'Obstructive and Pedantic' Member of Parliament...

  Quickbeam 18:37 15 Jun 2018

Stops cross party 'upskirting law' in it's tracks.

It doesn't exactly encourage the younger generation to have faith and to participate in our 'honourable' MPs at election time does it...?

  wee eddie 19:15 15 Jun 2018

The man's a disgrace

  Aitchbee 19:58 15 Jun 2018

He may be right. What's stopping anybody using another person's camera-enabled smartphone to take lewd photos of themself and then blaming or setting up an innocent person like a stool-pigeon. It needs a proper debate.

  canarieslover 21:01 15 Jun 2018

Any law that can result in prison time should be properly debated and not passed on a knee-jerk reaction. There is no doubt that it should go into the statute books but it should be with proper safeguards.

  Forum Editor 22:46 15 Jun 2018

canarieslover and Aitchbee

Thank you for some clear-headed thinking. I agree with you.

The reason Christopher Chope used the objection rule is that he believes too many private member's bills pass into law without being properly discussed in parliament. It's not that he wants to block this bill altogether, just that he thinks it ought to be properly examined before it becomes law, so that as many loopholes as possible - and there are some - are closed. He's a lawyer, and he routinely objects to these bills. The object of this is to try to give us laws that are better framed than would otherwise be the case.

He's right, and so are you.

The bill will become law, it has simply been delayed.

  wee eddie 23:57 15 Jun 2018

Pity, it was an elegant little Bill.

You're not allowed to do it. Two years if you're convicted.

  Quickbeam 05:37 16 Jun 2018

" so that as many loopholes as possible - and there are some - are closed. "

Ah... so we don't get loopholes disclosed in legislation within weeks of being passed despite taking years to become law.

But my point was it doesn't look good to the voters. When asked for an interview he declined to offer any explanation, and when a third party colleague offered one on his behalf, he came over as a befuddled old MP that didn't know what upskirting meant.

  john bunyan 06:27 16 Jun 2018

I believe the Scots have such a law. Surely that can be quickly extended to other parts of U.K. rather than having a long delay?

  john bunyan 06:46 16 Jun 2018

Have a read of this:

Chope Wiki

Maybe FE has a point on this matter but reading Wiki and the causes he has espoused, the man is a dinosaur and an example of the worst that the Tory party has to offer. How he could have got a knighthood is a mystery. Having read his views it is no wonder the Tories are struggling at the polls.. He should be deselected ASAP even if he , on this issue, was technically correct.

1]: [click here

  x123 08:19 16 Jun 2018

Chope was said to say " I don't even know what upskirting is"

This was on the BBC news.

  morddwyd 09:15 16 Jun 2018

Right or wrong, I think he, and the Conservative party, not just in this constituency, will reap the whirlwind at the nest general election.

I'll be surprised if he's not quickly deselected.

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