Obscured Motorway route board -responses

  jack 08:55 18 Feb 2010

Remember this?
click here

I am now getting at least one E-mail a week
from different -division/sectors of motorway maintenance- thanking me -for the information[evidently being passed around] and their team is looking to it.
That's nice to know- that they take the matter seriously enough to activate the whole country.

The latest theory seems to be one that was mentioned in the last post - low temperature distorting the panels that make up the boards.
Did they not know this already-?
Of course not - they work 9-5 and dont go on the motorway afterdark ;-}

  Input Overload 18:56 19 Feb 2010

I've driven 420 miles today on motorways both in the dark, snowing & sunny & can see all the signs without a problem.

  Forum Editor 07:49 20 Feb 2010

that in many years driving on UK motorways, often in extremely cold conditions - I've never found a sign that was unreadable. Perhaps your experience was a one-off freak occurrence.

  jack 09:15 20 Feb 2010

Driving from Watford- East to Dartford crossing
Last evening 22.00 hours most were clear- except large board near Potters Bar showed slight evidence and again near the M11 turn off[much coned off and lane changes]- but only mildly.
So its their and my daughter - who was driving - also noticed it- so it is not just my eyesight going 'stripey'

  estabond 09:20 20 Feb 2010

Why oh why can't the signs be repeated on the off-side carriageway, or overhead. On many occasions I am overtaking a lorry which obscures my vision of the (mostly) nearside signs.

  birdface 09:21 20 Feb 2010

Now you know why.
Jack has managed to get them all fixed.
Being an Ex courier driver I totally agree with Jack some of the motorway Route boards were practically unreadable.
To me it was like a Venetian blind type of affect where some parts were darker than others and you really had to look hard to see what was on them.
It is almost 6 years since I stopped driving but to me it was a problem in those days.
I am not sure if there were actually any lights on them or whether it was a special paint to make them luminous to the light of your car.But to me it did not work.
Now not all boards were like that most had their own lighting which showed up well others were like I described and Pretty useless.

  jack 20:07 24 Feb 2010

To clean some signs - Wow
And speak to the manufacturers- Woweeeee
Wonders never cease

  Input Overload 20:48 24 Feb 2010

I've been driving since I was 16 & I'm 50, I drive over a 1000 miles a week & have never noticed this phenomenon.

  birdface 17:11 25 Feb 2010

[I drive over a 1000 miles a week]
Believe it or not but i used to do that in a day.
But not every day.Some times it was only 500-600 miles a day.A really quiet day and it would be 300-400 miles a day.
Did you do much night driving.

  Input Overload 19:11 25 Feb 2010

I can only say I have never had a problem with motorway signposts, day or night winter or summer, rain or shine. If others have fair enough. I can only state my own experiences.

You can have perfect vision in an Opticians & have very poor night vision which is never tested. I rarely have to use full beam & never use the low visibility lights everyone seems to have on until noon lately.

The End.

  birdface 19:12 25 Feb 2010

I am not sure if there were any lights on the Route Boards it looked as though it relied on the lights from the car to brighten them up.And of course if driving a lorry the lights would be a lot better.
It looked as though it was just some sort of luminous type paint which reacted to light but I may be wrong.
Not all boards were the same most were easy to read.
But I would say there was a problem with some of them.

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