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Obama shows the way

  Stuartli 11:24 01 Apr 2009

Just been watching the Obama and Brown Press conference on Sky News and been struck by the sharp contrast between them.

Obama, despite having been in office as President for only a few weeks, came across as relaxed, assured and able to comment off the cuff with ease.

In contrast, Brown gazed with apparent awe at the President, in the manner of an eager puppy waiting for its master's commands and then speaking in a somewhat robotic fashion whenever issuing seemingly much rehearsed sound bites (most of which we've heard before).

No wonder the Americans took to Blair so readily, even though his stock gradually began to fall in the UK amongst much of the electorate.

  laurie53 07:39 03 Apr 2009

I think Reagan was influenced by his wife perhaps more than any other president.

  sunnystaines 09:14 03 Apr 2009

Obama has come across better than expected and looks like he will earn more respect than bush.
as for brown he never comes very well, i think he is out of touch with the general population.

  laurie53 19:43 03 Apr 2009

"looks like he will earn more respect than bush."

Not difficult.

  Stuartli 19:51 03 Apr 2009

Obama was excellent, I felt, this afternoon when taking questions from (I gather) German and French students.

He clearly impressed them, just as he did when glad handing with some of those who lined the streets to greet him - I bet his security minders were having kittens at the time..:-)

  oresome 20:16 03 Apr 2009

I remember reading the memoirs of a seasoned political journalist and he recounted being present at one of Reagans speeches that captivated the audience, many of whom had attended many such speeches and weren't easily moved.

Afterwards at dinner, the President was questioned on some of the policies he'd outlined in the speech and he was lost. He'd read the script and acted it out before an audience. He knew no more than had been scripted for him.

  Stuartli 23:57 03 Apr 2009

I'm pretty certain that you could not level such charges at Obama...:-)

  Forum Editor 11:39 04 Apr 2009

I'm pretty certain you could.

His campaign speeches were scripted very carefully, and he's admitted that without the scripts he would have been floundering somewhat.

Bill Clinton is on record as saying that he planned his speeches as if they were pieces of jazz music - they has a scripted beginning and end, but there was always a space in the middle for improvisation. He says that an American president influences the hearts and minds of the people with his use of words, but that body language, and even the look in your eyes is often remembered far better than what you actually said.

  Stuartli 13:19 04 Apr 2009

Actually I was referring to his Press conference alongside Gordon Brown the other day and his Q and A session with the French and German students...:-)

  Forum Editor 17:33 04 Apr 2009

I can't argue with that.

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