o2 pay as you go

  dukeboxhero 18:21 30 Nov 2005

if you have a 02 pay as you go phone, then text calls50 to 21300 this will give you 50 mins free a month for 3 months click here even if your not new to 02 at the end of feb just text stop to the same number. even if you dont its £8 for the deal to continue

  pavvi 22:58 30 Nov 2005

If you are a texter rather than a caller you can get 400 texts a month for 11.99 taken from your balance call 2425 from your o2 payg phone to get it, just make sure you have the money available in credit on your phone...

  SG Atlantis 07:42 01 Dec 2005

02 online.

Get yourself an o2 online PAYG sim crd and you'll get 300 texts a month standard and it doesn't cost a penny for them! You just have to spend £10 a month on other things on the phone, calls, wap, tones etc and ya get 300 texts for nothing each month!

Ya can't beat that!

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 03:40 02 Dec 2005

well I think I will stick with orange they are doing a good offer well it is to me top-up by a total of £10 or more each month and you'll receive 600 evening minutes free every month. Don't worry if you miss a month because as soon as you top-up a total of £10 or more again in a single month, you'll receive your free calls again the following month.You can call Orange to Orange for free between 7pm to midnight every evening, including weekend evenings.And they are very nice as I have just toped up £15 and they have given me 3000 text free my fingers will be sore.

  pavvi 08:19 02 Dec 2005

that the 600 minutes are orange to orange only not even landlines....

  pavvi 08:20 02 Dec 2005

400 texts for 11.99 is better than 300 for 10

  SG Atlantis® 08:37 02 Dec 2005

yeah but you get to keep your £10. Ya just need to have it on the phone!

They take the £11.99 off your credit.

  Mysticnas 16:06 04 Dec 2005

that's true...
i've had my o2 payg for ages.

as long as you top up £10 a month you get 300 free texts and 300 free wap mins. You don't have to actually spend that £10 though. It'll just stay on the phone as credit for when you need to use it. Unlike your £11.99 which get eaten up by 400 txts.

Also... o2 are giving away free credit too. the more you top up the more you get back. I got about £8 the other week, and i only every top up my £10 a month.

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