Nursing Home Fees Deferred Payment

  oresome 13:34 12 Jul 2012

The latest Government initiative is for Local Councils to offer loans for nursing home care and to recover the money plus interest from the persons estate on their death.

Will this make it any better for those who think it unjust having to sell their home to finance care?

How does this initiative stack up with another policy aim to release as much housing stock as possible back onto the market to alleviate the chronic housing shortage? It doesn't seem sensible to help finance empty houses that are deteriating all the while.

Perhaps you feel all care should be financed by the state, ie other taxpayers and a individuals wealth passed on to who they please?

Of course, if you've no assets, the state will fund your care, so perhaps the solution is spend as you earn.

  Condom 14:12 12 Jul 2012

The whole rationale of paying your taxes and National Insurance throughout your whole working life is that when you retire the state which has been taking all of this money from you will look after you by means of a suitable pension and provide the health care you need.

Indeed we are living longer, as has been the case for centuries now, so there is nothing new here. Government actuaries would surely have taken this into consideration when working out NI and tax levels. For the Government to say to us that this is a new phenomenon is to put it politely "being economical with the truth". My fore-bearers were looked after by a mix of my contributions and their own and my care will be by the same method.

Anyone who has saved a little extra for their retirement is entitled to spend it as they wish without having to use it on paying for their basic care. People who have not saved are still entitled to the basic care promised. If there is not sufficient money in the system at the present time then it is the Government's responsibility to raise it through the normal procedures of tax and NI or to take it from somewhere else in the exchequer where their is a choice in how you spend the resources. There is presently no choice in providing care as it is an obligation freely entered into by successive Governments.

If the Government wishes to change this obligation then they must come clean and return or reduce peoples contributions to the system. Let the people vote on this and see what happens and not do it the Japanese way of death by a thousand cuts. Perhaps if it was put as a choice between 2 nuclear submarines or other similar choices or the care of our elderly population then it might concentrate minds a little more.

  carver 15:20 12 Jul 2012

My wife and I are faced with a very difficult future, we are both getting on in life and we have a son and daughter, son is 17 and daughter 20.

My daughter could get a house on her own if she had to but my son is in the autistic spectrum and with the best will in the world I don't think he will ever get a job that would pay enough for him to buy his own house.

So as we get older and if any thing were to happen and we finished up in a home it would make no difference if we had to sell the house first or wait and be made to sell it after our deaths + interest.

Same thing our son is homeless, we have saved and scrimped most of our lives to make sure that we could at least leave our son and daughter some where to live but this is not to be under this or any government, if you scrounge all your lives of the state then the state falls over backwards to help with no thought of cost.

I pay tax all my life and now they want you to work till you drop then take your house when you are to ill to look after yourself, and this is the caring society every body wants

  birdface 16:47 12 Jul 2012

You could always sign the house over to your son or daughter or both.That way the house would no longer be yours and they would not be able to sell it to pay for Nursing Home Fees.

At least I think that's the way it works.

  oresome 17:05 12 Jul 2012

It is against the law to transfer ownership of an asset to another person specifically to avoid paying your care home fees.

There is no time limit as to how far back a Trust can go to find out if you have given away assets to avoid paying care costs.

If this is found to have happened, the Trust can treat you as if you still had the asset and you will have to pay for your care accordingly.

  daz60 17:27 12 Jul 2012

release housing stock onto the market

I believe this implies council housing, so great news for those who are in the not so enviable position of either not being able to get a mortgage,age related,or not being able to afford one ,income related especially when single.With rents already exorbitantly high,especially in the con that is london,i reckon that the travellers are the future or maybe a tent in Hyde Park.

Eleven billion on an exercise in national vanity,twenty billion + on Blair's kowtowing to the Bush dynasty, billions spent on a bunch of be suited gamblers who succeeded on persuading the Government to force the taxpayer to bail out their stupidity and egos.

Raining bombs whether financial or ordnance is more important than putting a roof over someone's head,unless it be prison provided your not one of the elite.

All say AAHHHH to the Big Society.

  birdface 18:56 12 Jul 2012

Maybe move to Scotland what I heard on the TV the other night is it does not affect Scotland and you don't Pay Nursing Home Fees North of the border.

True or not I don't know.I would expect the more expensive type homes you may have to pay.

But maybe someone that knows may inform us if this is correct or not.

  john bunyan 19:07 12 Jul 2012

I wonder how much more on Income Tax it would be to have universal "free" nursing homes for those that need it? I suspect it is so high no party wants to talk about it.

  Flak999 19:20 12 Jul 2012

This is so wrong on so many levels! I agree with earlier posters who comment on the facts relating to people who have worked hard and paid their tax and NI all their lives, only to find that when their hour of need arrives they are made to sell their only assets to fund their care in old age!

Whilst the skivers and the work shy, those who have contributed nothing but take everything are looked after by the state from cradle to grave! How the health secretary thinks that offering people loans with interest is preferable to making them sell their homes is beyond me, how does that work?

At the moment if you have assets totalling more than £23000 you have to fund your care entirely yourself. If your husband/wife lives in your home then they can not be forced to sell it to fund your care, under the Governments new scheme it would seem that you can keep your home (big of them!) take out a loan with interest to fund your care and then repay it from your estate when you die.

So, you have dementia and are moved into residential care the Government gives you a loan to pay for this whilst your property stands empty and deteriorating. When you die the Government forces the sale of your property takes it's money (with interest!) and the residue if there is any goes to your family.

How is this a better solution to you selling your property to fund your care and not paying the Government interest on a loan?

It would seem to me that the better idea is to spend all your money on wine women and song, not save a penny, give your house to the cats home and throw yourself on the tender mercies of the state, the same as most of the people in receipt of state handouts already do!

  morddwyd 21:07 12 Jul 2012

"Maybe move to Scotland what I heard on the TV the other night is it does not affect Scotland and you don't Pay Nursing Home Fees North of the border."

Not the old "It's all free in Scotland" myth again?

Believe me, it isn't.

I don't know about care homes, but care isn't free, well it is for us, because I provide it, 16 hours a day, and like many others I don't get a penny.

I could try for Carer's Allowance, but like everybody else, I would lose my old age pension.

If I lose that I lose other related benefits as well.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no worse off than millions of others, but while things are different in some respects north of the border, they are not that different!

  Grey Goo 21:04 13 Jul 2012

So they found a way to tax you beyond the grave. I can see a whole new army of financial and tax advisors popping up.

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