Nurse's pay discussed on Question Time

  oresome 10:29 19 Jan 2018

A couple of nurses suggested that colleagues were leaving the profession because there was a cap on salaries at the £28k mark. Presumably these nurses felt they could earn more elsewhere.

Looking at the pay scales as a matter of interest, I see that at least theoretically there is no such cap and salaries can reach the heady heights of £100k plus so I'm not sure what to make of it.


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  Aitchbee 19:25 20 Jan 2018

Off subject slightly but I reckon the BBC should emulate the NHS Pay Scales model with the likes of Tea Ladies at Band 1 rising incrementally up to Band 9 for high profile stars like David Dimbleby etc.

  Matt. 20:53 20 Jan 2018

My wife is a senior nurse within the NHS (outside London) and her pay is higher than 28K but she is in charge of a group of wards.

  Matt. 20:58 20 Jan 2018
  bumpkin 21:34 20 Jan 2018

It would be more useful if we were told how many are in each of the various bands.

  oresome 09:45 21 Jan 2018

I suspect the nurses on Question Time were referring to the maximum pay achievable before promotion on to more management roles, but isn't that the same with most careers?

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