Nuisance phone calls re no blame accident

  john bunyan 15:29 20 Aug 2019

In Jan I was sitting in my car when an elderly lady nudged it causing a couple of dents . She admitted full liability and her insurance company paid including a hire car. The bump was so gentle that there was no injury or symptoms. In the last few weeks I have been getting calls- today alone 3, and often 2 a day. They seem to have details of the claim ( I do not give them any info) . A call today was from Malaysia; others appear to come from U.K. On my mobile I block them one by one but it is extremely annoying. How do these people get hold of the information? This is different from the random calls that clearly are fishing.

  Cymro. 09:41 21 Aug 2019

Pine Man Get a 'Call Guardian' phone such as the BT8600 and never get another nuisance call.

Like you P.M. we got this phone but only few weeks ago so too early to say how well it works but already seems to work better than B.Ts. own Call Blocking Service

  oresome 20:05 21 Aug 2019

Besides the two insurance companies involved the repairer can also get kickbacks for passing information on.

  grumpy old man 13:04 22 Aug 2019

when I got these calls I said I need more info please as I got more than 1 car , at that point they usually hang up.

  Menzie 13:30 22 Aug 2019

I had text messages about an accident; the interesting part is I was never in any accident.

The last spam call I actually answered, were from someone pretending to be the income tax people. Apparently I owed taxes and would be sent to prison. I could pay my taxes in iTunes vouchers or Bitcoin.

The "agent" on the other end couldn't even tell me my name.

Unfortunately this kind of thing is rarely investigated by the law. Even local cases of fraud are sometimes overlooked by the Police until the media gets involved.

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