Pooke100 18:25 24 Apr 2005

Does anyone have problems with their crappy digi boxes for the TV?

Ours crashes about 6 or 7 times daily, and can only be fixed through turning of at wall.

Phoned the idiots three times now and they fob me of to some recording saying about difficulties in certain areas, mine ain't one of them, each and every time!

Only had the TV in 3 weeks, have had their BB service for 4 months now and its been a perfect journey.

Seriously regretting taking their TV, I should have stuck with SKY!

  oseven 18:49 24 Apr 2005

I've had NTL tele and telaphone for 15 years.Never had a problem.

  Andybear 18:55 24 Apr 2005

I've also had NTL TV and phone for years, since the days they were called Cabletel. The one time I had a problem with the digibox, they came out and replaced it.

  TonyV 19:49 24 Apr 2005

I had ntl for 12 months which included 'phone, Internet and TV. The Internet was Cable Dial up. All the services were awful, the quality of help was awful, and when I eventually cancelled the 12 month contract, they continually took money off me. I had to fight like crazy to get them to reimburse me. (Ten foot disinfected barge pole springs to mind!) I should be very careful if I were you, and if and when you cancel, make sure you cancel the Direct Debit because they as sure as hell will not! Incidentally, they seemed to be running two systems through out the country. We in the Midlands had the inferior service, London had a better system. I wish you luck!!

  mole44 08:16 25 Apr 2005

i have NTL for tv/phone/broadband,i can`t fault them eveything works ok.only from time to time do i have to reboot my cable tv box and only then because i loose the program information.

  bosmere 08:49 25 Apr 2005

ditto mole44

  The Regster 22:03 25 Apr 2005

We are with NTL now and have been for a while in different parts of the country.

CableTel (then NTL) in Cardiff was great.

Cable & Wireless (and then NTL) in Leeds was middling. NTL in Leicester was fine after initial problems with the installation.

And finally NTL in Herts (current) is really poor. However, the free upgrade to 2mb has helped soothe the pain. Our installation was a joke - the 'engineer' refused to move the box from the original position (used by previous occupants), so we had coax trailing through the living room - not even pinned to the wall. His attitude nearly had my better half in tears.

However, getting to the point of the post... Ever since the installation, we had real problems with the digi-box (and with BB, but to a lesser extent). After two missed appointments, another engineer turned up and immediately spotted the problem - the cable to the digi box and modem had a kink which degraded the signal. In addition the filters were the wrong value. The engineer changed the filters, spliced in some new coax and pinned the cable to the wall. After that, the box and BB have been flawless.

It might be worth checking your cables for kinks. If there appear to be any and you can't bear the NTL hold music you might be able to get hold of a suitable replacement from an aerial installer (Sky, Freeview etc). Should be minimal cost and saves taking the day off work. Good luck.

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