NTL Broadband Medic

  joseph K 09:09 09 Oct 2004

Following 3 'daze' of madness being unable to connect to Tesco.com while being housebound, and driving a lot of very helpful and kind people in the helproom to derision I should think. I used NTL Broadband Medic. Here you are able to chat to a technician in real time and they solved my problem within minutes.

Apparently my local LAN had problems, so I was rerouted through another one. I had thought I had solved the problem when I was rerouted to Tesco.net, but unfortunately the links to Tesco.com didn't flippin' work!

Thanks again to all who offered me advise and help!

  Forum Editor 09:22 09 Oct 2004

aren't aware that they are part of a LAN when they're online, it's almost as if the cable users in their area are all working in the same big office.

That's how cable systems work, and it's often the reason behind a cable user's problem. In your case NTL have rapidly diagnosed and fixed the problem, but I wonder how many people even know about the NTL broadband medic.

  joseph K 09:39 09 Oct 2004

They do advertise it on their webpage, though it isn't particulaly prominent. I had no idea that a LAN could cause a breakdown concerning just one website. I do agree with you,I think they should publise this brilliant development (broadband Advisor) much more aggressively.

Needless to say I have made a note of this alternative LAN in case I decide to return to default and all hits the fan at a later date.

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