NPOWER man tells me off

  finerty 20:24 05 Oct 2010

i picked the gran kids from school, parked on where i usually do, but today there was n power van parked in font facing me. Guy gets out starts telling me off for parking to close this is after i got the kids out gets abusive swearing etc.

One of my children is five year old the other seven years old

He had plenty of space to reverse and move on.

Anyway i tried walking away still kept of yelling abuse at us. My daughter had a go at him for the swearing. Is he allowed to behave like this

  babybell 20:32 05 Oct 2010

Did you get his registration? If not, I would still contract NPower and tell them where and when the incident took place, detailing everything that happened.

Don't exaggerate any details as it only comes back to bite you if proved to be false. Just say what happened and they should deal with the situation internally.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:57 05 Oct 2010

Contact NPower immediately. I salute your fortitude/stoicism/pacifism because if I was in your position, with a 5 and 7 year old, I would have punched his lights out to such a degree that he would have thought that he was in another dimension.


  Grey Goo 23:55 05 Oct 2010

E mail the CEO RWE npower
click here

  spuds 23:57 05 Oct 2010

Failing NPower, you can always report the matter to the police, providing that you have the details of the driver or vehicle,and possibly witness's which would help.

I once had a meter reader, who 'insisted' that he could come into my property. He soon learned different.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:09 06 Oct 2010

You may wish to curl up and whimper but there are some who will not stand for abusive behaviour in front of minors. Enjoy polishing your rose-tinted specs.


  lotvic 12:24 06 Oct 2010

You can't go round punching the lights out of other people no matter how much they have upset you.

And especially in front of young children.

  Bingalau 12:56 06 Oct 2010

I know one ex-special forces man who works for NPower. It could have been him? Then again maybe not. He wouldn't use that type of approach. But not many people would be capable of giving him a hiding.

  interzone55 13:15 06 Oct 2010

Most companies will frown upon their staff hurling abuse at members of the public whilst on company business. Even if they were just picking up their kids from the same school, they are representing the company whilst using the company vehicle and wearing the uniform.

One time I heard someone banging on my back door at work, so I opened up to be confronted by an Eddie Stobart driving effing & blinding because no-one was unloading him. I politely pointed out that it was 8:30am and his unloading slot wasn't until 9:30am so he'd better just get back in his cab & calm down.

I reported him to Stobarts and found out the next day that he'd been suspended as soon as he got back to the depot. He was sacked two weeks later aftered they'd checked our CCTV. They have a zero tolerance approach to bad behaviour in that firm...

  al's left peg 16:15 06 Oct 2010


your point is very correct. The driver in your case is in effect a customer of yours and should behave accordingly. A lot of the problems with HGV drivers is the tacho I believe (where are you WTM to confirm this) as they need to do all their work before their hours run out.
I used to drive a van and deliver to a large supermarket depot with just a pallet in the back, I would often let the HGV guy get tipped before me for that reason.

As for Gandalf, I have to agree with the other posts on here. It's better to just get his vehicle reg and report him rather than wanting to assault him. He sounded like a "nugget" anyway so would probably welcome the confrontation.
Finerty will no doubt be more comfortable in the fact that the fool has been at the least severely reprimanded or better still dismissed for this despicable behaviour towards a member of the public with his children in tow.

  spuds 18:15 06 Oct 2010

If you want to see how the Eddie Stobart organisation works, then watch channel 5 on Fridays at 8.00pm. The programs been running a couple of weeks now, with about four more to go.

Its definitely a job that I wouldn't want, far to much stress.

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