Now you can get away with speeding

  Sapins 08:48 16 Oct 2006
  skeletal 11:09 16 Oct 2006

Brilliant!! I’ll now add swerving across all three lanes as well as braking unexpectedly to my driving style...much safer than, when conditions allow, driving slightly above the speed limit but smoothly, never cutting in, never lane hogging, never tailgating etc etc.

You couldn’t make it up.


  spuds 12:30 16 Oct 2006

The only way around all this, is for all vehicles to have a sat nav type device fitted, that you have to key-in information before and after a journey, something like a tachograph on a far better scale. All information is then submitted to the appropriate authorities, and if you have contravened any acts or laws en-route, then bang, another fine and necessary actions will be taken against you.

Wouldn't take long for a 'genius' or possible law breaker, to work something out, on how to avoid detection though, if the incentives are right!.

  Jimmy14 12:43 16 Oct 2006

I thought the Home Office would get on better without Charles Clarke, we will wait and see. They even admitted this serious glitch which I am suprised about, it usually goes on for ages before faults are admitted.

  Noldi 13:41 16 Oct 2006

If you are driving correctly then you should change lanes, The right hand lane is only for overtaking.


  skeletal 14:15 16 Oct 2006

Noldi is correct of course; but I have a good idea to make things more confusing. If there are SPEC cameras present, we could have a new law making it illegal to change lanes, and have a new type of camera to detect, and fine you, for changing lanes.

But in areas without cameras, keep the rule about changing lanes to overtake only.

Hide the cameras so no-one knows where they are to ensure more convictions.

I’m really getting into this silliness! Perhaps I ought to stand for parliament; would you guys vote for me??!!


  MESH Support 14:49 16 Oct 2006

I would have thought a simpler solution would have been to place those thing tube like cones between the lanes to prevent lane changing. I'd guess they fit to cats-eye mounts as I've seen them used in some places.

Most annoying is coming down the A1M every morning, sitting in our lane doing 30-40 (limit is 40) watching traffic rushing passed us in the second lane.

Are those cameras even on??


  skeletal 16:17 16 Oct 2006

On? Off? Confusion? Confusion?

In the recent past:
M42 mandatory variable speed signs: inside lane 40, outside 40, middle no limit.
Slip road to join 60, brake on joining as 40 showing on m/way.
m/way 40, 40, 60, 40, 50, 40, clear, 40. Sometimes hard shoulder allowed, sometimes not.
Near M40 junction: juggernaught up bottom, all traffic about 50, speed limit sign 20 (yes TWENTY) would you fancy leaping on the brakes to get to 20 on a busy motorway with aforementioned lorry so close? No? So you’re a dangerous speeder then?
Road works, limit 50. Most people go past at 80+.
Local road: big 30 limit signs, few yards further up road 40 repeater signs; mile or so later another set of 30 signs (implying 40 previously), in opposite direction 40, then 40 again as built up area approached.
Lost count of number of speed limit signs completely hidden by overhanging trees.
To determine if you are in a 30 limit you need to measure the distance between lamp-posts, if the distance is too high councils are allowed to have 30 repeater signs, if it is too low they are not allowed to have repeater signs. (Because I’m a dim sort of chap, I would have thought a sign saying “30” is easier to understand than working out lamp-post distances).
Son flashed by speed camera doing 25 in 30 ticket yet, but similar happened to friend who went round to local nick straight away to complain. He was told cameras flash every so often irrespective of your speed.
Local warning signs flash even when travelling below limit.
Speed bumps that will tear your car apart even when travelling significantly below speed limit.
5, 10, 15 or more signs near junctions that you are supposed to read and act upon.

And this improves road safety????


  josie mayhem 17:32 16 Oct 2006

If your so wa convince that he was only doing 25mph, then more tha likley the camera was faulty

I had the same with a 50mph camea with in 20ft of a junction left that I was turning into (I had a business appointment, and that was the only road I could have used to attend said appointment) I was looking forward to my day in court with prove that I couldn't possibilly doing that speed, lefthand turn at over 50mph, I would have rolled the car down the road!!!!

But never heard a thing... Later found out that all verichles that had been flashed had been discounted to to a fault with the camera..

  skeletal 18:05 16 Oct 2006

josie mayhem: You mean you don’t normally turn into roads at 50??!!!

There is no doubt my son was doing well under 30. If he does get a ticket, I will want to see the photo as the road markings will clearly show the lower speed.

I repeat the story about the “random flashing” as it was the police who said this to a friend. I have not heard this story before.

As for various faults, it is also well known that in some conditions, some radar guns can show a garden wall exceeding the limit. It is harder to prove innocence without photographic evidence of course.


  spuds 19:02 16 Oct 2006

The 'random flashing' was a well known trick, kept the motorist's on their toe's, especially when they were waiting the arrival of the notification.

Sighs of relief, a month later usually. Or a visit to the local nick, by a concerned party,asking as to the whereabouts ;o)

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