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Now is the time to get your bicycle out

  wee eddie 07:54 23 Mar 2020

The roads are quieter, with fewer cars about. You cannot cycle less than a meter from another person with any ease. They are good exercise and get you there faster than walking. You can "park" almost anywhere.

Now, I am not talking about long runs in the country, or belting around muddy hill trails.

I'm talking about getting into town, to the Supermarket, down to the park. There must be a multitude of places within 5 miles of you and, as you get fitter, you can make it 8, miles each way. That's about half an hour's pedalling.

  BT 08:59 23 Mar 2020

I haven't got a Bike and I doubt that I could manage 10 yards on one, Its hard enough just making it to the car these days.

  Pine Man 10:10 23 Mar 2020

I have got a bike but I'm not sure where i'd put my supermarket shopping!...........If I could get any:-(

  wee eddie 10:25 23 Mar 2020

In your rucksack, as I do

  Old Deuteronomy 10:58 23 Mar 2020

I gave up cycling some years ago, mainly because of the volume of traffic and no longer possess a bike but, I walk miles every day with the dog and rarely meet anyone on the quiet lanes and paths. Fortunately, this is not a picturesque tourist spot, so we shouldn't get swamped by the dickheads, like parts of Wales.

  Quickbeam 19:24 30 Apr 2020

Getting on for 500 miles since New Year here!

  Menzie 13:34 02 May 2020

Thanks to the weather the cyclists are out in numbers.

Almost ran one over yesterday, they failed to stop at a stop sign and did a left turn crossing my path. If I didn't anticipate they would do that and moved off instead of waiting, that would have been a collision.

The local Police are looking for someone right now who collided with someone out riding yesterday at midnight.

  Condom 22:37 04 May 2020

I brought my bicycle out from the back of the garage for the first time in years as I thought a nice bike ride would be preferable to my usual 3 mile hike as the weather looked a bit rainy. Oops the tyres were flat and I initially though probably rotted, but no, as some unused muscles managed to pump them up and they stayed inflated. Managed to get round my usual circuit just in time before the rain descended. Must admit I enjoyed the experience but also thankful that I don't live in town as my cycling skills were decidedly lacking.

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