Now thats what I call customer service

  Kevscar1 14:55 28 Dec 2013

Ordered CD from Amazon paid for delivery 24th but it did not come until 27th. E-mailed them 13.28 today got one back 13.36 apologising and refunding postage

  bumpkin 16:02 28 Dec 2013

I have always found them good on customer service.

  iscanut 17:40 28 Dec 2013

No, he was expecting it on Christmas Eve and was what he had paid for, so I would not think 27th reasonable !

  fourm member 19:50 28 Dec 2013

Amazon clearly understands that the cost of a no quibble refund of the postage is a lot cheaper than the damage done to its business from the bad publicity associated with any attempt to wriggle out of it by blaming who was actually responsible for the missed delivery.

  fourm member 21:58 28 Dec 2013


Exactly. It gets enough stick about the corporate structure to know it has to give good service.

  Forum Editor 11:21 29 Dec 2013

Amazon undoubtedly has its faults, but when it comes to knowing how to run an online retailing business it has no equal in the world. It shows all other retailers how it should be done, and has been responsible for a noticeable improvement in the way that many other online sellers deliver customer service.

A few years ago our Consumerwatch (as it was then called) forum saw a steady stream of customer service complaints from people who had bought things online and subsequently experienced enormous difficulties with suppliers who just didn't get it as far as customer service was concerned.

Amazon, and some other enlightened suppliers like gradually turned the tide by offering such a good service that others had to compete or die. The truth is, whether you buy from Amazon or not, if you shop online in this country you have a lot to thank the company for.

  BT 11:42 29 Dec 2013

Its not just Amazon who give their customers a fair deal. We have to do our major weekly shopping online now due to health and mobility concerns, and find that Tesco, despite all their critics, are only too ready to address any problems promptly. A call to the Customer Help Line usually brings a speedy solution to the problem, and in some instances a £5 voucher for ones trouble.

  fourm member 13:07 29 Dec 2013

The FE is quite right. We all have very short memories. In the days before Amazon, if you bought from a catalogue or by phone or even from the first online sellers the standard was 'allow 28 days for delivery'.

  Menzie 15:45 30 Dec 2013

Amazon has been absolutely brilliant which is why I continue to use them again and again. Two years ago I saw an AMD Phenomenon CPU on Amazon £10 cheaper than the competition and went for it. The seller said it shipped but no CPU arrived.

I created a case in Amazon and within days was issued a refund and was able to order it from Amazon themselves.

Also must agree with BT on Tesco, I do not drive so the delivery service has been a necessity in getting a week's worth of shopping home in one go. I like the fact that they give you time slots with smaller windows than the competition; and in cases of items being out of stock they will often substitute a better item or 2 smaller items that equate to the one ordered for the same price.

  Aitchbee 21:54 30 Dec 2013

I have never used Amazon to buy anything whatsoever, but now may give-them-a-go ... to see if they live up to their reputation afforded to them in this thread.

  BT 23:18 30 Dec 2013

I've bought from (and via) Amazon for years and never had any problems. I go for Amazon rather than many peoples choice of EBay. I just don't feel comfortable with EBay - too many scare stories.

I also have an Amazon Credit Card which I applied for via the Amazon site and was granted within minutes with a useful Credit limit. You get Amazon points for every purchase with the card and a Voucher when you have collected enough.

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