now symantec/norton has a hidden rootkit

  sunny staines 06:35 12 Jan 2006

first sony, now norton, will rootkits become as common as other spyware?

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  Forum Editor 07:28 12 Jan 2006

that makes use of rootkits, or indeed anything else that's 'hidden' from a routine virus/anti-spyware scan is skating on very thin ice indeed. That a security software company should do so is very worrying to say the least, and Norton would do well to reflect that their business is to a large degree the result of the trust that millions of users place in them.

Erode the trust, and the business goes with it.

  spuds 10:29 12 Jan 2006

There are a number of cases going through the American courts at present regarding the usage of rootkits. Sony have been found out, and know doubt many other big names will be on the agenda for investigation.

One UK company, late last year tried to take action against an American company that produces 'rootkit fixing' software.The UK company, as part of their defense was infringements of copyright laws. Result, the American judge threw the claim straight out of court.

  sunny staines 10:20 14 Jan 2006

joins the list of hidden rootkits
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