Now for some toilet humour

  Legolas 13:55 23 Apr 2010

Don't worry FE I will keep it clean.

I have had a recurring slow draining/blocked toilet for a good few months. When it blocks I can use a plunger to clear it this sometimes works right away other times it takes a few goes before the blockage is cleared, the problem is that after a few days the problem reappears and as said above this has been an ongoing problem for quite a while. I have a feeling that one or more of these toilet fresheners that you hang over the rim of the toilet have been inadvertently flushed down the loo and is now causing a blockage. So what is the best/cheapest way to clear this obstruction?

  sunnystaines 14:02 23 Apr 2010

also check drains outside are not blocked, go outside and lift the cover to check.

  TopCat® 14:24 23 Apr 2010

it may require the toilet to be removed as the freshener could be caught up somewhere in the 's' bend. There are long-length DIY flexible wire rotating drain unblockers available which could be used while the loo is off. Failing that, then it's a proper drain rod set or Dyno-rod. TC.

  johndrew 14:33 23 Apr 2010

It sounds as if you have a blockage in the drain. I suggest you lift drain covers until you find one that is empty; you will then know there is a blockage between it an the next back up the line. Best way to clear this is with a set of rods. First use the screw continually turning the rods CLOCKWISE (or you will get a disconnect) until a flow is seen. Remove the rods washing with clean water (a hose is best) and the starting from 'home' use the plunger to push any solids through - getting someone to watch the outflow at the next manhole is helpful.

When you have done all this use the hose to flush the drain with fresh water and check the flow is good.

A plastic/rubber (not metal) bucket of hot water loaded with caustic soda (nasty stuff - keep it off of any flesh - obey the warnings and instructions) put down the drain at your home every six months or so will maintain cleanliness.

You can also use a caustic soda mix poured down the toilet but extreme care must be taken as it will damage some floor coverings, fabrics and similar as well as people. DO NOT use the toilet until it has been flushed a couple of times after the mix has been poured down.

  Woolwell 14:34 23 Apr 2010

There are many things that can cause a blockage in drains. Lifting the inspection cover as sunnystaines states is the first step but be prepared to wear welly boots! Are there any trees nearby? (even small trees)

However check your household insurance as you may find that blocked drains are covered. The drain company may well put a cctv camera up the drain to try to find what is causing the obstruction. There are other companies besides Dyno-rod which is a franchise operation. Some operators are good, some are not.

  mole44 14:40 23 Apr 2010

round our way (Luton) i found out by accident that the company who disposed of our rain water and sewage were responsable fo any blockages in the underground pipage.i only found this out by accident when they were video surveying my underground pipes on my propery,worth a try if you have a problem.Also a plumbing friend says he gets loads of work from people using those clip on fresners,do like i do use the water soluable ones in the cistern.

  wiz-king 14:42 23 Apr 2010

Try pouring a big bucket full of hot water slowly down it, this will dissolve the toilet block and should make the plastic soft and allow it to shift. Once it gets into the main drainage pipe (4") it should easily pass through.

  john bunyan 15:05 23 Apr 2010

To check the S Bend at the toilet end, after a couple of flushes, simply roll up your sleeve and have a feel.If not follow johndrew's advice. I also have used a special high pressure washer hose to good effect.

  wiz-king 15:16 23 Apr 2010

To follow on from John Bunyans post :-
click here
click here

  jakimo 15:49 23 Apr 2010
  Woolwell 17:26 23 Apr 2010

If you have had a series of blockages this may indicate something more than a toilet freshener getting in the way. A drain that has become misaligned may have a ridge on which waste is being caught. An inspection by camera will reveal the problem.

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