Now Sir Ranulph Fiennes

  csqwared 21:35 20 May 2008

is attempting another ascent of Mt. Everest it gives me a reasonable excuse to ask:-

Who was the first person to put feet on the top of Mt. Everest. If the right answer hasn't appeared by 2230hrs I'll post back. ;-))


  csqwared 21:36 20 May 2008

Oops - the question should be..."to put two feet on the top of Everest".

  csqwared 22:00 20 May 2008

Close, but not quite. I'ld be interested to know why you suggest him.

  Jak_1 22:01 20 May 2008

Sherpa Tensing.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:03 20 May 2008


  interzone55 22:04 20 May 2008

I'm cheating, this was on QI the other week, the answer is Andrew Waugh as X7-250 said

click here

  Bingalau 22:11 20 May 2008

I know the height used to be given as 29,002 feet, so I suspect this questionis to do with the odd two feet ??? So it was whoever surveyed it and decided that was the height.

  csqwared 22:20 20 May 2008

Spot on, and yes Bingalau that's basically it. The story goes that Radhanath Sikdar was working under Andrew Waugh surveying the Himalayas and calculated the height of Peak XV (now Everest) to be 20,000ft. He was worried that such an exact height for a mountain wouldn't be believed so he reported it to be 20,002ft - thus putting two feet on the top of Everest. Although I do wonder if Fruit Bat /\0/\ might have a point.

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